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iKoustic Soundproofing

iKoustic Soundproofing provides noise insulation and absorption solutions for domestic and commercial buildings; creating a peaceful, tranquil and beautiful environment for work, rest or play. Our range of products include soundproofing for walls, ceilings, floors and doors. In addition the acoustic range of absorption materials enhance the quality of sound within the space whilst looking stylish and beautiful.

We provide free soundproofing consultation to both commercial users and DIYers, so we can understand your noise issue, complaint or building requirement; helping you to choose the right solution for a quiet room with high quality acoustics.

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You can contact the team and discuss your noise problem on 01937 588226







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MuteClip XP for Soundproofing Ceilings          MuteClip LP for Soundproofing Ceilings          MuteClip for Soundproofing Walls and Ceilings

ikoustic provided solutions for…
Sound advice
Understanding our MuteClip® Range in 25 Seconds

When it comes to acoustics we understand that not every project is the same and we want to assist our customers by providing them with all the relevant information required to understand which of our noise control solutions are appropriate for the

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5 Tips to Peace and Quiet Whilst Working at Home

We know how distracting noise can be when you are trying to concentrate, especially if you have other "homely distractions" right now. We thought it might be helpful to suggest some zero (or low) cost ways to help reduce distracting noise and help

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Developments on our Acoustic Cradle, MuteCradle™


It has given us great pleasure to share our new ventures and developments in our soundproofing range with you over the previous five months.

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