Ikoustic Soundproofing

iKoustic Soundproofing provides noise insulation and absorption solutions for domestic and commercial buildings; creating a peaceful, tranquil and beautiful environment for work, rest or play. Our range of products include soundproofing for walls, ceilings, floors and doors. In addition the acoustic range of absorption materials enhance the quality of sound within the space whilst looking stylish and beautiful.

We provide free soundproofing consultation to both commercial users and DIYers, so we can understand your noise issue, complaint or building requirement; helping you to choose the right solution for a quiet room with high quality acoustics.

Manage Sound Beautifully, with iKoustic.
You can contact the team and discuss your noise problem on 01937 588226



Noise doesn’t have to be a pain in the home or office space. iKoustic provides a line of beautifully designed sound insulation and absorption products to provide practical acoustic solutions and aesthetic style to any room.



iKoustic solutions are used by small building firms and national construction businesses alike. We provide reliable, quality products and solutions at competitive prices and offer volume trade discount to the building and construction industry.



iKoustic’s range of soundproofing products are perfectly suited to use in the home. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be easily installed with a basic knowledge of DIY. If you need help, our team is on hand to help – just call us!

ikoustic provided solutions for…
Sound advice
Working with Pro Tools Expert - Using Tecsound SY70

Dan Cooper from Pro Tools Expert came to iKoustic looking for the best solution in reducing and dampening noise vibration in a recording studio between acoustic plasterboard.

We were able to

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Making Waves (a series of twelve) - #6 How To Explain Technical Services To New Customers

"If your business could be considered a technical or complicated one, ensuring your customers (especially new ones) understand how it works and what they are buying from you can be difficult. You don't want to let them down, and you don&#

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Making Waves (a series of twelve) - #5 Sound Health Alert for Hospitals, Schools and Offices

You go to hospital, hopefully to get better.

You go to school, hopefully to learn.

You go to the office, to get some work done.

But what happens if your surroundings are inhibiting the goal? Ikoustic Sound Proofing regularly deal

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