Like many successful businesses, iKoustic was founded by identifying a real need – and a gap in the market.

At a New Year’s Eve party, Managing Director and Owner of iKoustic, Rick Parsons, experienced neighbours banging on the walls and complaining about the noise of the music. After a little contemplating and a lot of research, it was clear to Rick that there was a clear gap in the market for simple, affordable, high quality domestic soundproofing and from this need – iKoustic was born!

In the ensuing years, the business has grown to provide solutions to domestic and commercial buyers, including architects, specifiers, installers and the building trade. Extensive ongoing research and development has grown the range of world class products for insulation and absorption alike.

Clarity, honesty and transparency are all qualities at the core of the way that iKoustic does business. The technical support team will work clearly and succinctly with all customers to fully understand the noise issues that are affecting them. Once this diagnosis is determined, iKoustic then provide a prescription or solution that matches your needs perfectly. As experts, with extensive knowledge of the industry and the products, iKoustic are well placed to provide the very best solution and advice available. 

Installation guides for all our solutions are available on the website, giving customers the ability to take as much control of their project as they want. iKoustic is also proud of its transparent pricing policy – all our product and delivery costs are visible for all to see on our website. 

Never resting on its laurels, the business is always looking to develop better, more efficient soundproofing solutions to deal with the growing issue of noise pollution and proximity of buildings, so if you are looking for a product that is not featured, give us a call as we may be working on it already!

iKoustic is the proud winner of ‘Best Soundproofing and Acoustic Insulation Supplier – UK’, as announced at the Acquisition International Awards. 

Meet The iKoustic Team