Is your Home Gym making your neighbours complain about noise? Key considerations when looking to soundproof a Domestic workout space

Posted: Oct 07, 2021

The rise in home fitness

During lockdown, “the body coach” Joe Wicks achieved a Guinness World Record when his online fitness class on March 24th had an audience of nearly 1 million people. That’s a lot of people jumping around in their living room! It’s also a great example of how people took workouts into their own home during the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns. In addition to the astonishing work of Joe Wicks, there are a number of other statistics that highlight a rise in home gyms during this time.

Why are so many commercial gyms receiving noise abatement orders? Is soundproofing the answer?

Posted: Aug 17, 2021

As Gyms across the UK reopen and clients flood back in, seeking all the benefits a commercial Gym can bring physically, socially and mentally,  it should be the prime opportunity  for gym owners to celebrate. After an extremely difficult 2020 and first half of 2021, the doors are finally open and we can begin to get back to the business of fitness  as normal. However, unfortunately this is not everyone’s experience.

iKoustic Research and Development Partnership (KTP)

Posted: Jun 09, 2021

Hello there! My name is Gabriel and I am working as an Acoustic Innovation Engineer through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership – or KTP. This blog will involve regular updates on the progress of the project to engage stakeholders and demonstrate how the work that I complete will be important in the creation of a new product development process at the company.