As Builders and Contractors, there must be clear and concise instructions to assure that what has been specified is correct and that the project runs as smoothly as possible. We provide on-going installation advice and project management throughout the entirety of your projects when you specify with us.


Our on-site guidance for projects combines our knowledge of our acoustic materials and systems so that you are installing them correctly so that when it comes to the Sound Testing phase, we are assured there are no mistakes or anomalies. What you will find most useful is our Installation Videos and speaking with our team with any questions you may have, especially if something is unclear, or not possible on certain projects. These videos can be found in product and system pages of the materials you are installing.


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If your project has been passed down through an Architect, an Acoustic Consultant or even a specifier, we can answer any questions you have on bridging the gap between them. If you are seeking alternatives with iKoustic that are not supplied by us, we are able to run through the details with you to make sure there is a suitable alternative.


We want to assure you that whatever has been put forward is a winning combination for whatever the use, whether is somebody soundproofing their home, or you are working on projects that to protect homes and workplaces from the noise going right the way up to large multi-purpose complexes where the right system is important.



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