Perimeter Flanking Band FB8

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  • Dimensions: 50m x 8mm x 150mm 
  • Weight: 2kg
  • For: homes, workplaces, industrial developments, and specialist audio environments.
  • Compliance: Compliant with both Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).*
  • Installation: Product has a plastic apron but requires an adhesive.
  • Where: for use with the installation of rigid flooring to create a buffer, special focus on decoupling the floor to ensure best acoustic performance.

When installation our MuteMat® flooring systems, it is essential to line the perimeter of each room when installing a new subfloor, or installing any hard floor finishes.

Perimeter Flanking Band - FB8 is an absolute essential in floor soundproofing systems and one that is often overlooked. Perimeter Flanking Bands are to line the perimeter of any room that is using rigid materials that would come into contact with the walls. It acts as a buffer, one that reduces Flanking Transmission, by creating a barrier between floor and wall. It is to be installed along with any installation of a new subfloor in timber builds, even if you plan to install a woven carpet. It is for when you are installing any hard floor finish such as the examples below. These are because a timber overboard is required with some of our flooring options.

  • Engineered wood
  • Laminate
  • Luxury vinyl tile
  • Vinyl
  • Ceramics

Screeding also benefits from the use of a Flanking Band as it helps to decouple the new floating screed from being in immediate contact with the walls.


  • 8mm x 150mm x 50m
  • Vital decoupling for flooring systems to separate floor and wall
  • Suitable for concrete screeding applications, and when installing hard floor finishes
  • Also suitable for timber structures when installing a new subfloor, and when installing hard floor finishes
  • Closed cell foam structure
  • Plastic apron to keep an airtight seal


EAN number5060484200612
Length50000 mm
Width8 mm
Height150 mm

We are always looking for the best ways to describe to you the world of soundproofing through introducing guides that range from the basic principles of sound, how to best soundproof surfaces and what to look for, and how to understand acoustic test data, and this is only naming a few! We want to help you come to the right decision, so whether this is through the use of our guides or talking to a member of our team - we are here to help!

How to soundproof floors

A combination of the following will always result in a much improved acoustic performance.

  • Mass: the addition of more substantial materials to reduce sound energy, for example, added layers combined with soundproof plasterboard.
  • Separation: breaking contact with the surface or surfaces through the use of acoustic isolation clips or stud framing.
  • Damping: the reduction of vibration through the use of flexible, damping materials such as Tecsound.


Perimeter Flanking Band FB8 is vital for retaining separation. The reason for this is that it helps to decouple any rigid or hard flooring coming into direct contact with the adjacent walls. It is this direct contact that leads to Flanking Transmission, which is then often found to be the reason behind the majority of failures in acoustic tests, both in timber structures and in concrete, along with screed. When vibration from footfall or an audio device is on a floor that is in direct contact with the wall, it is then passed through the subfloor and into the wall, causing structural-borne vibration.


Learn more about what you need, and how to approach soundproofing floors below


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  • Install Perimeter Flanking Band where there are to be rigid surfaces coming into contact with the wall.
  • A time-stamped video below will show you how to install with our MuteMat 2 and MuteMat 3.
  • Screeding will also be in the same application.

Perimeter Flanking Band should be applied around the perimeter of each room to where hard flooring comes in to contact with the adjacent wall, so with the fitting of new timber flooring it should be installed at joist level to the final floor finish level, in acoustic under screeding in concrete constructions, you will want to make sure full coverage is available to reduce contact with the adjacent concrete walls.

When all floor layers are butt against the Perimeter Flanking Band it reduces flanking transmission by creating a barrier between for and wall for impact sound to transfer in to, instead of directly in to the adjacent walls - helping to improve the soundproofing quality of the floor. Negating this can lead to failure of acoustic tests in most cases and is difficult and costly to fix in retrospect.

It requires bonding to the wall to make sure it has a secure fit, then the plastic apron is applied to the floor to create an L shape.

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