Acoustic Mineral Wool

Acoustic Mineral Wool is another essential product in construction, it is used for treating cavities in floors, walls and ceilings, and is popular for its thermal and acoustic qualities. The reason these are 'acoustic' or sit in the soundproofing categories is their density, essentially how 'heavy' they are. Thermal rolls are often lower in density, you may see a 10kg per m3 that would have little effect on providing the best sound reduction. Anything less than 45kg we would recommend upgrading due to its weaker acoustic performance. At iKoustic we supply a range of Acoustic Mineral Wool options and have access to non-stocked options, these are included below.


  • Rockwool Acoustic Mineral Wool RW3
  • Knauf Acoustic Mineral Wool 60kg


If you find an option that isn't listed, we still have access to a variety of non-stocked options, so contact our team on 01937 588 226 and we will see what we can do for you!


Acoustic Mineral Wool is lightweight, its most outstanding qualities is its ability to absorb noise in cavities effectively, it also assists in reducing flanking in areas where the sound is taking an alternative path between flooring joists and stud frames. When noise issues are increased beyond background noise, we combine Acoustic Mineral Wool with our soundproofing systems so that we can manage noise that covers even the most stubborn sounds! There are other essential principles for getting the best soundproofing possible. 


  • Mass: the addition of dense materials to lessen sound energy, for example, adding layers in combination with soundproof plasterboard.
  • Separation: breaking contact with the partition or partitions through the use of our MuteClip sound isolation clips and stud framing.
  • Damping: the conversion of vibration to heat through the use of flexible, elasticated materials such as Tecsound. Don't worry, you won't feel this heat!


The creation of an air gap is one of the most efficient ways of reducing noise, it can even be used with our direct fit MuteClip® options. This fibreglass material absorbs sound bouncing around in the cavity and breaks down the soundwave further by reducing points of contact for vibration to travel through. We have listed four possible options for soundproofing and to begin exploring our soundproof systems below.


  • MuteMat® 2 (used with timber floors, Acoustic Mineral Wool is important here to reduce noise between the joists)
  • MuteCradle™ 45/60mm Concrete (used with concrete floors, our acoustic cradle creates a new batten flooring where Acoustic Mineral Wool is then installed)
  • MuteClip® Double Plus (again, used between joists here too with a soundproof ceiling option)
  • MuteClip® Stud Double (stud frame options create air gaps, and these will also benefit from the addition of Acoustic Mineral Wool)


If you are in the process of selecting Acoustic Mineral Wool for soundproofing your home, workplace or business, we recommend exploring our guides and our various blogs. Or, speak to our always helpful team on 01937 588 226!


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