MuteMat 2

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MuteMat 2 is our high performing, two-ply acoustic underlay, suitable for a wide range of applications.

This product is labelled in our Essential Soundproofing Collection, which takes our most popular products in soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings to help you review what other customers are rating highly for noise insulation. Call us on 01937 588 226 if you would like further assistance with selecting the best products for your project.

MuteMat 2 is two-ply, high performing resilient floor mat achieving a superior impact attenuation in both timber and concrete structures, as well as high mass to reduce airborne noise which is suitable for all building types. MuteMat 2 comprises of two materials, a 6mm PE crosslinked foam (closed cell) which is in contact with the surface, and a 7.5kg per m2 Mass Loaded Vinyl.



How to Soundproof a Floor

When considering Floor Soundproofing you would need to identify if possible whether it is a timber or concrete construction. If your property is a timber construction, you need to have a resilient layer that has good compressibility to reduce impact noise to yield the best result - this is evident in our 6mm closed cell foam. Again, if it's a timber construction and you are looking to reduce airborne noise you will want to look to increase the mass per m2 - this is provided in our Mass Loaded Vinyl layer. The top Mass Loaded Vinyl provides a dense layer to the top of the 6mm closed cell foam, helping to spread the load leaving a more robust matting

If you are uncertain of what to look for when soundproofing a floor, you can read our handy guide - A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor by clicking on the icon below


A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor




MuteMat 2 Information

  • 10mm x 600mm x 1200mm (0.72m2)
  • Soundproof Floor option for reducing impact and airborne noise in both timber and concrete structures, use in our MuteMat 2 System for optimum results
  • 6mm Closed Cell Foam, 4mm and 2mm Mass Loaded Vinyl layers
  • Part E Building Regulations
  • Mould, moisture and fungus resistant

We recommend using the MuteMat 2 within a system to achieve it's optimum performance.

Timber Construction

  • Use of high density acoustic mineral wool between joist to reduce flanking transmission and cavity resonance
  • Isolation Strips on top of joist to decouple the sub-floor layer

Concrete Construction

  • We would generally apply MuteMat 2 only in the instance of reducing impact noise due to it's comparative mass with concretebeing low

MuteMat 2 Performance Data

Listed below is a typical reduction figure taken from our system performance data;

Impact Ln,w (Weighted)Impact  ΔLw (Reduction)Airborne Rw


EAN number5060484200001
Weight5 kg
Length1200 mm
Width600 mm
Height10 mm

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