MuteMat® Gym 51 – Gym Flooring

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  • Performance: 25dB impact sound reduction.
  • Dimensions: 610mm x 610mm x 51mm.
  • Weight: 10.81kg.
  • For: gymnasiums, fitness centres and home workout areas.
  • Compliance: suitable for a wide range of acoustic requirements for Gyms and Fitness centres.
  • Installation: please see our installation tab below.
  • Where: floor application for cardiovascular studios, personal training areas and use of machine operated apparatus.

A highly durable, compression moulded and easy to install gym soundproofing platform for use against excessive impact noise or vibration.

MuteMat® Gym 51 – Gym Flooring

MuteMat Gym 51 is a 51mm dense interlocking rubber gym flooring. MuteMat® Gym 51 is our highly engineered, high performing and easy to install gym floor soundproofing platform that offers an optimal level of protection against both impact transmission and structural borne vibration that is suitable for professional and commercial gyms, small personal gyms at home and even gyms located in the workplace.

Each MuteGym™ is engineered by Compression Moulded technology to create a precise, consistent and effective platform with a ring-like pedestal structure moulded to the bottom during the compression process to limit direct contact with the structural flooring, and this helps to ‘cushion’ significant levels of impact noise and vibration.

Inverted gymflooring
Recycled Rubber

93% Recycled Rubber

MuteGym 51 is made from 93% recycled rubber. The mat is compression moulded to create a high-density product that can stand the wear and tear of an active gym whilst reducing sound transmission.

Anti Slip

Slip-Resistant design

When working out you want to make sure you have sure footing MuteMat Gym flooring is designed to be slip resistant to give you the support you need.

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Gym flooring UK delivery

Gym flooring is shipped on a pallet. Unlike others we hold stock of all of our products ready to dispatch same day Monday to Friday. We also offer next day delivery for orders placed before 1pm Monday to Friday.

MuteMat® Gym 51 – Drop test

Results are measured in Reduction, this means that we take the bare floor measurement first and compare it against the measurements found with the MuteMat® Gym 51 in place.

Test Weight and Distance11.11kg | 91cm11.11kg | 152cm24.72kg | 91cm24.72kg | 152cm
Reduction Result dB SPL34.04dB30.8dB31.6dB26.6dB

Gym drop tests

Stopping structural-borne noise requires a variety of different soundproofing methods to have it reduced to what is referred to as a ‘background noise level’, complete blocking and isolation of sound will require a significant amount of protection. It is recommended during the proposal stage of any Gym that is in the same structure as other properties both residential and commercial, as well as adjacent to to the gym, to carry out a Noise Impact Assessment to assist with the planning of soundproofing, helping to provide information on how to best avoid noise complaints and further complications arising with neighbouring developments and with the internal planning of the Gym. Impact noise is one of the more major concerns of gyms, dropping heavy weights, the continuous impact of running machines and use of cross-fit all make to be an incredibly loud environment. MuteMat® Gym 51 can be used in both small home gyms all the way up to professional specialist and commercial gyms which are often found in multi purpose complexes where residences, restaurants and shops all share the same structure, and all of which can be affected by the effects of structural borne vibration.

Running machines, weighted-machines and cross-fit areas are just a few areas in which MuteMat® Gym 51 is effective, it’s ring structure helps limit the amount of contact with floor and provides not only something stable and robust, but also a final floor finish without needing any additional finishes.

With the affordability of home gym equipment, these are appearing even in the most humblest of homes – even a treadmill or cycling machine. MuteMat® Gym 51 can be used at home to help soundproof against impact and vibration, often finding incredible results in concrete structures, but will often be lessened in timber. If it is used in a timber construction, an additional compressible mat may be best used in conjunction to act as a platform area. With heavy-free weights, something more substantial may need to be put in place to reduce excessive noise disturbing your neighbours.

The design of all our MuteMat® Gym products is a simple Kros Lok pattern set up to be installed in modular form. These will often require bonding to the substrate in which you can find all information out on adhesives and which is best to use in a range of applications on our Related PDFs tab.

MuteMat® Gym 51 is the perfect solution to help reduce structural borne vibration caused by blunt, heavy impact, but another major consideration is reducing airborne noise through walls and ceilings, and this can often include the ceiling below. Depending on the level of reduction required, suspended ceilings often need to be put in place to reduce vibration further, again this will be something considered in the Noise Impact Assessment. Wall soundproofing is another important consideration as sound will move into the airspace around the room and move directly in to the rooms adjacent and causing problematic flanking transmission, and the same for ceilings, ceiling soundproofing also wants to be considered to reduce to noise transfer to neighbours above. At this stage, you will want to consider reviewing our MuteClip® Stud Double Plus systems in all wall and ceiling areas.

With loud music often found in gyms, these will benefit from a form of isolation from the structure as direct fixings could lead to vibration transferring back in to the structure, especially where low frequencies are concerned.

In addition to this, gyms are often full hard and reflective surfaces, they are easy to lean. – But, when personal training and important instructions are being carried out – the message can be lost in these often large, open and reverberant spaces, lowering the quality of the classes and putting significant strain on the speaker’s vocals and the people listening. With this in mind, we would often look to specify sound absorption products, such as our NoteRange – to assist with reducing reverberation in the different spaces.

Find out more information about MuteMat® Gym 51 by downloading the guides below.

Maintenance Guide

Product Data Sheet

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Technical Support
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BIM Objects
iKoustic also supply a selection of BIM objects via our NBS profile, which can be found here. 

Important Information

Our products contain a high level of mass. If there are any structural concerns you will want to consult a Structural Engineer to discuss your requirements.

*Our Typical Performance Results and Noise Reduction Guidance are provided to indicate the results that have been achieved in previous tests but are not guaranteed to a specific site as multiple factors can affect this, you can view their variants on our ‘Featured Systems’ tab.

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