MutePad Performance – Treadmill Soundproofing

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  • Performance:  8-9dB on concrete and timber constructions
  • Large Dimensions: 300mm x 150mm x 42.5mm
  • Small Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 42.5mm
  • Weight: 3.7kg per pack
  • For: Gyms and workout areas
  • Compliance: Suitable for a wide range of treadmill sizes and weights
  • Installation: Place the larger pads at the front of the treadmill under the wheels and smaller pads under the rear feet
  • Where: for both home gym and commercial treadmill use to reduce the sound vibrations into a structure

MutePad Performance – Treadmill Soundproofing

MutePad is a treadmill isolation pad for reducing the impact sound produced by a treadmill. Our isolation mounts use dimpled rubber for reduced points of contact, microcellular elastomer foam and a dual density rubber topping to achieve the best performance possible. This specific combination of materials and densities is the reason we have been able to significantly reduce the vibration from a treadmill transferring into the floor.


  • Overall thickness at 42.5mm
  • Supplied as pack of two large and two small MutePads
    • Large 300mm x 150mm
    • Small 150mm x 150mm


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Highly engineered to give enough deflection whilst retaining stability
  • Guide edge on top layer with adjustable sizes
  • Fits a wide range of machines


When designing the MutePad we scoured the market for existing test data on treadmill isolation pads and found no data from any supplier.

iKoustic tested over 20 combinations of material and construction build up in both timber and concrete constructions to ensure the highest performance possible.

These tests show a common 15mm solid rubber gym tile alone did not reduce the sound travelling through the floor but made matters worse. Further to this, premium 70mm tiles only improve the sound reduction by 2.4dB. This shows why the comparable rubber treadmill isolators do not give the desired sound reduction. MutePad in the same situation achieved an 8.7dB (LZT) sound reduction.

MutePad Performance 1

The home gym market has significantly expanded over the past few years with more advanced and widely available machines and more people exercising from home. These isolation mounts are a great way to reduce the sound transfer to other rooms and the neighbors! They can also be used as exercise bike isolation mounts, cross trainer isolators or under other cardiovascular machines.

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Weight3.9 kg
Length30 cm
Width15 cm
Height5 cm

Treadmill soundproofing pads

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