Soundproof Plasterboard 15mm (Half-board)

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  • Acoustic plasterboard for soundproofing.
  • Can be used on floors and ceilings.
  • Reduces airborne sounds (e.g. music, tv & talking).
  • Great for internal stud walls or as part of a system.
  • Higher mass than standard plasterboard improves acoustic properties
  • Compliant with both Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).
  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 1200 mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 18kg per Board.
  • Noise reduction: Up to 38dB on a single course brick wall* What’s this?


Soundproof Plasterboard 15mm (half-Board)

Soundproof or acoustic plasterboard is used in a variety of soundproofing systems or can be used on its own. It differs from traditional plasterboard by having a higher mass. This high mass make-up assists in the reduction of airborne noise like talking or TV noise.

Acoustic Plasterboard Coverage Calculator
Single Product Calculator – PlasterBoard half
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Skim or tape

Tape & joint or skim

Our acoustic plasterboards have a tapered edge. This means you’re able to tape and joint as a speedier way to finish your project. Our boards are also ready for traditional skimming.

Cost Effective

Cost-effective Mass

Adding mass is a key aspect of soundproofing but high mass products can get costly. Soundproof plasterboard is one of the cheapest forms of mass you can add to a soundproofing system.

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Same day dispatch

Half-sized soundproof plasterboards are shipped on a pallet. Unlike others, we hold stock of all of our products ready to dispatch same day Monday to Friday. We also offer next-day delivery for orders placed before 1pm Monday to Friday.

Soundproof plasterboard works best as part of a system like our MuteClip systems, or when combined with other materials.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install system perhaps look at our MuteBoard products. They are acoustic plasterboards bolstered with other soundproofing materials and can be applied directly to the wall.

Another option is to include acoustic mineral wool in between cavities if the space you’re treating is a stud frame or ceiling joists.

Yes, many soundproofing systems make use of soundproof plasterboard on ceilings.

No, the boards would crack and break. We recommend using an acoustic underlay if you are interested in soundproofing a floor.

The blue facing of Acoustic Plasterboard can be skimmed straight onto without any additional lining paper, remember to use scrim tape on all joins to make sure the plastering layer bonds successfully.

The blue paper finish will want to be facing into the room; if using a tapered edge, it will be the tapered edge facing into the room.

  1. Make sure that the surface you are applying to is flat to avoid any joints unsuccessfully matching up. 
  2. When affixing Acoustic Plasterboard you need heavy-duty fixings of 18 per board and remember to leave a 2-5mm gap from the adjacent surfaces.
  3. Fix with tapered edge vertically
  4. Fill all gaps, including the abutting of all joints and around the perimeter. The aim is to make sure the surface is as airtight as possible as you are trying to reduce airflow that airborne noise transfers through, even the smallest of gaps.
  5. Use a scrim tape on joins to provide a strong bond for skim plastering; it is essential to note that you require no additional lining paper for skimming, it is ready to go.

If you are looking to specify this product for a build, please refer to our downloads tab for technical product or systems information.

Technical Support
Should you require further technical assistance in specifying our products, please contact us and ask for our Technical Rep, Gabriel Whittle.

BIM Objects
iKoustic also supply a selection of BIM objects via our NBS profile, which can be found here. 

Important Information

Our products contain a high level of mass. If there are any structural concerns you will want to consult a Structural Engineer to discuss your requirements.

*Our Typical Performance Results and Noise Reduction Guidance are provided to indicate the results that have been achieved in previous tests but are not guaranteed to a specific site as multiple factors can affect this, you can view their variants on our ‘Featured Systems’ tab.

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