Tecsound SY70

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Tecsound SY70 is a self-adhesive, thin and high performing acoustic membrane to reduce airborne noise and vibration.

This product is labelled in our Essential Soundproofing Collection, which takes our most popular products in soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings to help you review what other customers are rating highly for noise insulation. Call us on 01937 588 226 if you would like further assistance with selecting the best products for your project.

Tecsound SY70 is a self-adhesive, visco-elastic membrane used to attenuate airborne noise with fantastic results. It can be applied directly to walls, floors and ceilings as well as applying directly to metal work to significantly reduce vibration within a structure.

When soundproofing walls, floors and ceiling you will want to consider the use of a highly effective acoustic system to retain the best results for both airborne and impact noise. Seperation is a key factor when noise levels are excessive this is to reduce the points of contact with the structure. Mass is another key factor in which the increase of this helps to resist airborne noise. 

The best performing systems and products are when they are made up of different materials with different densities and with additional flexible properties to break down the soundwave as it passes through a partition - this is where Tecsound is an ideal addition to a system. Our GenieClip® System is a great place to start for soundproofing walls and ceilings.



If you are uncertain of what to look for when soundproofing a floor, wall or ceiling, you can read our handy guides -A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor, A Guide to Soundproofing a Wall or A Guide to Soundproofing a Ceiling by clicking on the icons below.


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Tecsound SY70 Information

  • 3.5mm x 5.05m x 1.22m (6.16m2)
  • Suitable for attenuating both airborne noise and vibration on a large array of surfaces
  • Best used within GenieClip® System between two layers of high density acoustic plasterboard to dampen resonance between boards and to attenuate airborne noise
  • Surfaces will want to be as clean and dust free as possible for the self-adhesive to remain in contact
  • Very flexible and adaptable material

Interesting Fact

SY broken down from Spanish means 'sintética insonorizante autoadhesiv' synthetic soundproofing self adhesive; (S) and 'Yeso' roughly translates to the size of Gypsum Plasterboard in Spain (Y).

EAN number5060484200056
Weight44 kg
Length5005 mm
Width1220 mm
Height4 mm
Fire ratingB, s2, d0 (Equivalent to Class O)