iKoustic provide a full UK wide installation service for any new build or renovation projects.

Utilising specialist skills built up over years of experience in delivering a huge variety of complex and straightforward acoustic projects, iKoustic offer the opportunity of a completely professional, fully fitted solution.

In providing a full effective acoustic solution. there are three elements that need to align:

  • The correct specification and design
  • The right quality products
  • Clinical precision of a professional installation

Whilst the correct acoustic principles can be passed on, and we try to do this with our installation videos, it is the depth and breadth of experience that means our teams are un-phased by the unexpected or surprising construction methods that can occasionally be uncovered.

It is crucially important that the materials specified and provided, are installed correctly, with the singular aim to ensure the overall acoustic integrity and performance of the solution is maintained. Thus meeting both your goals and budget.

Approved Document Part E of the Building Regulations is clearly a key goal for many projects. If you are unsure of the legal requirements for your project, give iKoustic a call.

Our areas of expertise include…

  • Acoustic insulation solutions to Walls in the form of board overlays and independent stud frames. 
  • Acoustic insulation solutions to Ceilings using MuteClip®, Direct to joists and custom designed arrangements.
  • Acoustic insulation solutions for Floors as overlays, underlays for timber joists and concrete and screed formats
  • Acoustic fencing and sound barriers for external and internal warehousing / production use
  • Sound absorption products adhered to substrates, hung from ceilings and strategically placed to enhance the quality of Sound in any space.

At iKoustic we will share our proven technical knowledge with you whenever you choose to install our products yourself. But, if you want to access our first class installation service, choose our team and we will work with you to ensure a quality, effective and timely installation each and everytime. 

Our extensive product range and the proven skills and experience of our installers ensure that you are in safe hands.

Call iKoustic to discuss your requirements right now on 01937 588226