Our installation network has years of experience with handling soundproofing products and systems. Throughout  years technologies and regulations have shaped the way our homes and workplaces sound, and how they protect us from noise. Because of this, they have adapted to the various approaches to managing noise of airborne and vibration, which has gone from simply building stud frames, to the use of sound isolation clips such as MuteClip®.


During their process of uncovering ornamental surprises, bent and bowed joists and even ceilings builts on ceilings. They have the knowledge to resolve these issues at a quick pace and can see where troubles may arise on-site. We are in constant contact with our team to assure the project is running soundly, this is so that we can manage your expectations, and consider any changes or additions that need to be made if they were not uncovered in our Acoustic Design.


In providing a full effective soundproof solution, three elements need to align

  • The correct specification and design
  • The right quality products
  • The best system for the purpose
  • The clinical precision of a professional installation


The correct specification is important, and we do this by providing all customers with the same level of service and work with you to understand the ins and outs of the project. But, when soundproofing is incorrectly installed this can hinder and often completely negate the soundproofing in place. We provide Installation Guides with our materials and are always working to showcase even more installation videos so that the DIY Enthusiast to specifier and on-site team are all aligned.


Our Process

If you are a homeowner or considering soundproofing for your workplace, you may not have a specialist on hand, or you find that it creates a much simpler process for us to consider the project as a whole - Design, Specify, Install and Test. Installation is best supported by knowing everything we can about the project, one of the sales team will go over all material aspects. The installation will then be handled by a team from the network or with support from the sales team if using your own builder / contractor.


We will put together systems in our Acoustic Design phase that measures the practicality of each system, and Specify the right ones to meet any regulations, such as Part E Building Regulation or personal goals you may have. These then give us the clearest picture of a scope of works, and whether any other tradespeople are required, such as for the extension of any servicing e.g. plumbing or electrical. We will work with you to ensure a quality, effective and timely installation each and every time. 


Our areas of expertise include…


Soundproofing Systems for Floors by using soundproof underlays, floating floor constructions and under screeds.


Soundproofing Systems for Walls using MuteBoard to MuteClip®, directly to brick or block walls, and independent stud frames. 


Soundproofing Systems for Ceilings using MuteClip®, direct to joists, directly fitted to concrete and custom-designed arrangements.




Note™ is the basis of our Sound Absorption range, and it is one that often needs a precise, clean and experienced set of eyes and hands to assure that the visual element is perfect, and without any distorted aligning. With this in mind, you should also be considering Installation for these materials too.


  • Sound absorption products are adhered to substrates, hung from ceilings and strategically placed to manage and improve the quality of sound in any space



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