If you are an Architect or an Acoustic Consultant you will have most likely come to this page. This section aims to provide information and content that is more suited to you. The reason for this is that they focus on areas where certain data and accessibility to particular services are required. In our Services section, there is everything from the provision for partition design for commercial projects, covering the breadth of Residential, Commercial and Industrial, helping to make sure that you are able to come to the right decision for your project.

Why iKoustic are on NBS & RIBA.

We want to assist our customers by providing them with all the relevant information required to understand which of our noise control solutions are appropriate for their acoustic requirements and with NBS we can do that on a platform that is well recognised within the construction industry.




We also provide product data that is important for uses that, for instance, require a certain level of stability with compression for the flooring, often associated with our soundproof under screed systems in use with heavy machinery. Acoustic Consultants will find acoustic test data and a wide selection of soundproofing and sound absorption materials built for almost any internal need for controlling noise and improving internal acoustics.



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The most important aspect of any project, especially residential, is ensuring the right system has been installed for the target. You will also need to be certain that it has been installed correctly, and that information is communicated successfully to the contractors and builders so that everybody is aligned. We will assist you in making this transition so that it remains consistent as it projects moves successfully through the application, specification and construction.


Even with pre-completion sound testing, regarding Part E Building Regulations, if you do not have a consultant on board we can assist you here. If you are on this section as the Acoustic Consultant, we can together ensure that the materials are fit for purpose all throughout the projects of your clients. You will find that in our MuteRange and in our systems that are suited for projects that present space restrictions, the need for creating floating floors and even the use of wire suspended the metal frame ceilings with MuteClip®.


Another significant, but often neglected, part of sound control is the internal acoustics. If you are in the design phase of your project, and there is a focus on communication as a development, such as in education, at the workplace or in the health sector, the treatment of poor internal acoustics is essential! In hospitality, there is also the effect of having the experience dampened by massive or problematic reverberation as it reflects off hard surfaces. This effect can put an immediate negative impact on all of your customers, no matter how wonderful the food is, the company of others and the ability to have a conversation is a significant part of dining out, it is a social activity.


With this in mind, our Note™ range, found under our sound absorption blends the natural performance of introducing soft but yet still durable absorptive materials into the environment. They are an interesting and exciting approach to the interior design in that they can be sculpted and precision cut in almost unlimited ways, in a wide range of colours, which are hung, suspended and fitted in an assortment of ways.


For inspiration on our Sound Absorption, our Case Studies showcase what we can achieve together.


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