Fusing together Art and Science whilst altering or creating new structures is the role of the Architect (of which there are many more, as you will know), whether it is a small-scale project or a multi-use large-scale project – passion will be at the heart of it.

What ever the project, we would like to hear on how we can collaborate on them with you.


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iKoustic offers a range of high performance, competitive and specialist soundproofing or sound absorption materials depending on your requirements, but it doesn’t stop here.

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A Guide to our Acoustic ServicesA Guide to Acoustic InteriorsOur Library



Acoustic Consultants


iKoustic can provide an extensive range of soundproofing products and soundproofing systems to help populate partition designs to provide to your client, as well as providing opportunities to exchange project work for a mutually beneficial relationship. Our acoustic system design is a fusion of quality product entineering built on a sizable volume of proven real world performance data, as well as scientific acoustic modelling.


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Guides you may find useful

A Guide to Acoustic InteriorsOur Library