Whether you are looking at Soundproofing your Home or your New Office we have the products for you. We work with everyone from architects looking to specify effective acoustic systems in large residential complexes to small personal projects across to audio enthusiasts constructing dedicated recording studios and cinema rooms, beyond these we have the knowledge and product range to design to your specifications or requirements.

Our core range of acoustic materials stem from our MuteRange, products that have been rigorously tested and are suited for more or less any internal application. Our MuteClip® and both it's low profile and extended profile variations can be specified on projects that require high acoustic performance for soundproofing both walls and ceilings, the low profile is used when you are looking to achieve minimal loss of head height, and the extended profile used to accommodate varying joist and rooms heights - both without the loss of acoustic performance. MuteMat® comes in a whole range of variations which we have gone in to detail on each product and can be found under floors, these cover both concrete and timber constructions. Our MuteBoard™ variations are best suited for when space is at a premium, providing a solid performance against common household or office noises.

There is a whole lot more to explore, and you can find out more about our core range by clicking on the logo below or by contacting us on 01937 588 226

We also supply a range of Tecsound products, Tecsound is a high mass, visco-elastic membrane that can be used to soundproof walls, floors and ceilings, and be applied to metal work to dampen vibration with incredible results. Each is self-adhesive, creating an easy installation without additional glues or tacking.

Our Sound Absorption range can be more or less designed any way you want and in any internal application to reduce issues with reverberation and improving speech intelligibility and general communication, leaving a more acoustically positive space to be in. This affects restaurants, clubs and bars, office spaces and pretty much any space that adopts an open-plan design with hard-reflective surfaces. If you are uncertain in what to look for, you can find a list of guides we have put together to help our customers, as well as finding out about our full acoustic systems, click on the logos below to find out more.

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