Homes and Workplaces are both troubled by noise in our cities. Our aims do differ between them, but there are similar principles and solutions that are used to either put in place to soundproof against the noise moving from room to room. There is also improving the sound quality of a room using Sound Absorption. We want to make sure we give you the knowledge in soundproofing and the right assistance so that we can find the right solution for you.


This section focuses on those who are coming at these projects from the angle of DIY or new-comers to noise who want it solved on a one-off or small scale basis; whether it is reducing the noise from a noisy neighbour to an office 'fit-out', we have provided step-by-step guides to understanding noise.



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We combine homes and workplaces here because you will now find these upon or adjacent to one another in the vast majority of cities. Gymnasiums next to office workspaces, apartments sitting above them. All are vulnerable, and if the correct solution is not in place it will be a tussle to manage who provides what. If you are looking for guidance and soundproofing options for soundproofing your home that doesn't concern other properties, then you are in the right place here too!





"48% of the 2,750 people surveyed in

England and Wales felt that their home life

was being spoilt by noise, with one in five saying it

kept them awake at night." - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


"More than 30% is exposed to levels exceeding 55 dB(A) at night." - World Health Organisation


First of all, it will be the particular noise issues you are trying to prevent. If you are considering 'future-proofing' for an apartment or house you are purchasing, knowing the noise levels will be difficult unless you have experienced them. You could consider carrying out a 'Sound Test' to help with knowing the actual noise levels and to plan effectively. But, noise is subjective, so it does give a healthier outlook on what the prepare for.


Second, the Soundproofing System's Performance, Cost and Thickness. You will find our Systems in our navigation above, and these are broken down into categories with a short summary of each to give you an idea. Each System will have an estimated Performance, it's Cost in relative scale and its overall depth in Thickness. All products are a part of a System, and it is these systems that include the partition (wall, floor or ceiling), for this is how they will be of most value to you.



Explore Acoustic Design with us to see what is possible and how to best create a more peaceful home to live in.




"Noise and distractions present big challenges in the workplace, especially in an era of open-plan layouts and telecommuting. “Ambient noise and lack of personal space can make it hard for employees to concentrate and get things done,” - Oxford Economics


"Fifty-one per cent had overhead a confidential or sensitive conversation, while 70% had heard a colleague who felt upset or distressed. This meant more than half would feel uncomfortable speaking about a confidential matter in the office." - Personnel Today


Workplaces are massively affected by noise in an uncontrolled environment, and the increasing research into productivity and communication within them is seeing noise as a top contender for disruptions. The facts and figures help to draw alarm to your office designs if they lack acoustic treatment for both sound insulation (the 'blocking' of noise between partitions) and sound absorption (that reduces the reflectiveness of spaces that harbour reverberation and affecting communication). Sound absorption also creates a better level of comfort in an environment and contributes to a more inspirations space by improving its visuals. 



Explore Acoustic Design with us to see what is possible and how to best create harmony in your workplace with better overall acoustics.



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