iKoustic are a multi award winning specialist with a proven track record in assisting clients with a customised design and technical service that will target the specific requirements you need for success.


The Process

The process is straight forward, contact iKoustic via the telephone, or email if this is more convenient, explain your requirements and we will guide you from there.

Typical information required, this will be project details such as your acoustic project location, specific room or building dimensions, construction type and acoustic requirements.

Plans or images are a great source of information ensuring that all factors are considered such as services, windows, doors, coving, skirting boards and so on.


What iKoustic do

iKoustic will then run through a series of specific questions including dB targets, budgets, timescales ensuring that at each stage you are clear on the likely technical performance and costs of each system proposed. The systems proposed are then broken down into individual products, quantities and prices in the form of a quote, so that you have all the information you require to make a decision.


Onsite Services

Mostly, these services can be done over the telephone without need for a site visit and thereby keeping both our costs down. In addition, if your project is larger or more complex and you do require a site visit, iKoustic have a range of on-site options that can be organised at a very competitive rate. These on-site services start from a simple visual inspection and technical evaluation, right through to a Full UKAS Sound Test and Specification involving Change of Use approval for apartments for example.   


Product Supply or Full Installation

We can design the product solution for you to install, or we can provide a full installation service.


Every Sound starts with a single movement, every Sound solution starts with iKoustic, pick up the phone now and call on 01937 588122