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Gym Floor Soundproofing

MuteMat® Gym 15-B0

Take a look at the system’s features and benefits.

15mm System Height

The height added to your floor after the application.

Highly Recycled Content

Our rubber gym flooring materials contain recycled tires

Impact absorbing Rubber

Rubber flooring is a great way to absorb exercise impact.

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

Our slimmest standalone gym soundproofing platform that serves to protect against impact and vibration from cardiovascular, personal trainer and areas with sensitive noise issues on floors.

MuteMat® Gym 15-B0 is our slimmest standalone acoustic flooring tile, it is a practical, robust and acoustically high performing solution for improving the soundproofing performance of concrete floors in Gymnasiums and Fitness centres. These can be used to reduce impact and vibration from footfall traffic and areas with minimal noise issues.

It is suitable for all gyms of both professional and commercial, and for use in personal home gym areas with the use of rowing machines, spin-cycles and cardio. MuteMat® Gym 15-B0 system is a simple installation with its modular style fitting, each 1m x 1m tile can be bonded to the concrete floor. No floor finishing is required and each tile has slip-resistant qualities.

iKoustic System GF MMG15 1

Advice and installation

Our team are always a phone call away ready to offer advice and support. Our systems can be installed by competent DIYers but if you would like to work with an installer we have relationships with installers up and down the UK that we can out you in touch with.

  • Suitable for reducing impact and vibration from footfall traffic and areas with minimal noise issues.
  • System thickness from the existing floor 15mm
  • ΔLw 23dB reduction (details are available on the ‘System Performance’ tab above).
  • 3.5 Recycled tyres per m2.
  • For achieving set out soundproofing targets in any acoustic assessments or local guidelines – recommended to carry out a noise impact assessment with the introduction or proposal of a new gym.
  • Simple installation and no need for a final floor finish.
  • Use for walkways and cardio vascular areas to reduce minimal levels of impact and vibration.


A soundproofing system isn’t rocket science but sometimes figuring out which one is right for you can be challenging. Check out our FAQs, get in touch via our live chat, or give us a call to speak to a human.

With the range of different activities going on at the same time, often from the early hours till late evening – dedicated gym soundproofing materials are a must. What level of protection you need against impact noises all depends on the location, whether it is adjacent to homes and businesses or if weight or impact driven activities are adjacent the internal noise sensitive areas – both will require a certain level of acoustic system in place. A Noise Impact Assessment will provide the best coverage of what is required in all these events, and will help to look at which areas MuteMat® Gym 15 would be best suited.

MuteMat® Gym 15 can be installed to soundproof areas that include spin-cycles which often generate vibration through their operation, the continuous footfall created by treadmills along with it’s belt drive creating low frequency vibration, and for areas that contain weight-machines in less noise sensitive areas.

As an a robust, space saving and high effective gym soundproofing platform, the introduction of MuteMat® Gym 15 is a must if you are looking to make improvements from low-priority weight drop areas to running machines. They can be installed retrospectively and with ease too, making the improvements a straightforward process.

There are a broad range of noise issues that create on-going problems for gyms and fitness centres, and unless there is a already stated low-priority for soundproofing or internal acoustic issues are not an issue – a Noise Impact Assessment may not be necessary for some situations. A series of General Impact Noise tests may suffice, stance away in a dedicated building, perhaps a series of general impact tests may suffice, but we cannot guarantee acoustic performance to any set acoustic targets with how they may affect adjacent rooms, nor can we review any potential issues with Flanking Transmission.

The significant weight behind both of these activities may not be best treated with MuteMat® Gym 15, and may require something more robust – especially when in close proximity to other properties of both home and business. MuteBloc™ should also be used in conjunction to provide maximum acoustic protection.

When in the stages of a gym proposal, a Noise Impact Assessment will take into account all areas of activities and rest areas, as well as residential and commercial structures nearby, and how each will be affected. What you will find is that there are noise issues in abundance in both the activities and the general operation of a gym. With this there will be not only acoustic materials specified for floor coverings to reduce impact noise from a range of weight-based activities, but also how to treat flanking paths with concerning airborne noises and to the smaller details including the soundproofing or vibration control of air-conditioning units and use of metal structures.

Internal acoustics are also a concern, by which excessive reverberation found in abundance in rooms with hard surfaces lend to negative experiences of members not being able to fully engage with activities to where the instructors voice is lost. This issue is treated by the introduction of dedicated sound absorption panelling and hanging baffles to minimise the decay of sound in such rooms. Our sound absorption range is a series of designs, colours and sculptures to stand-out or fit in, and even match your Gym Brand.

If you are looking to specify this product for a build, please refer to our downloads tab for technical product or systems information.

Technical Support
Should you require further technical assistance in specifying our products, please contact us and ask for our Technical Rep, Gabriel Whittle.

BIM Objects
iKoustic also supply a selection of BIM objects via our NBS profile, which can be found here. 

Important Information

Our products contain a high level of mass. If there are any structural concerns you will want to consult a Structural Engineer to discuss your requirements.

*Our Typical Performance Results and Noise Reduction Guidance are provided to indicate the results that have been achieved in previous tests but are not guaranteed to a specific site as multiple factors can affect this, you can view their variants on our ‘Featured Systems’ tab.

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