We were contacted by well known gym franchise who specialise in functional training, which is a mixture of circuit and HIIT style workouts orientated around everyday movements. This style of training includes a variety of activities (e.g. Slam Balls) which can cause substantial vibrations and airborne sound to transfer through the floor, which can in turn affect the neighbouring properties.

They required an acoustic gym flooring system that would reduce the overall environmental impact and noise pollution associated with these types of gyms, the owners of the property had some acoustic tests carried out by an independent acoustic consultant who specified the level of acoustic requirements.

We put forward a range of our MuteMat® Gym systems, to be tested against various competitors. From these tests we understood which of the systems would perform to the required impact reduction as specified by the acoustic consultants. We continued by providing the client with a range of quotations for the appropriate MuteMat® Gym acoustic flooring systems.

Supply and Install


iKoustic were selected to supply and install the MuteMat® Gym 15-B68 system as we were able to offer a high performing solution with a short lead time for a fully installed system at a very competitive price. This system consists of our MuteMat® Gym 15 as a top layer which has a dual density make-up with a base layer (B68) consisting of two layers of MuteMat® USP 625-17 and one layer of MuteMat® Gym B34

MuteMat® Gym systems provide unrivalled acoustic performance due to its multi-composite layers of various densities, thicknesses and material types - going to impressive lengths to reduce a wide range of impact noise issues that cause significant concern for gyms, areas that include cross-fit activities, heavy free-weight areas and stack.




This project was over 148m2  of our MuteMat® Gym 15-B68 system which consists  of 13.86 recycled

tyres per m2  resulting in the entire project preventing over 2051 tyres from going to landfill.




Acoustics in Gyms


Due to our every growing urban population there are more and more urban or boutique gyms being constructed in commercial building that share their space with neighbouring properties, businesses and/or companies. Unfortunately, the environmental impact of untreated gyms can result in severe noise pollution for the surrounding areas. Fortunately we have a wide range of acoustic gym systems and products that can dramatically reduce the acoustic issues associated with urban gyms.

If you are interested in talking through a project that requires acoustic gym flooring or some of our acoustic gym products, please give us a call.