Gym Soundproofing

Our focus on Gyms has become a day-to-day increase due to the amount of healthy competition and available choice from demand. There has also been the rise in wellbeing for general all-around fitness and wellness. Because our inner-city developments are now multi-purpose, it means that we receive planning proposals for Gyms alongside residences and workplaces, who sometimes also have pieces of gym equipment, and this section is for you too! But, the management of acoustics in these placements need great attention, this is because the design requirements for Gyms are high to protect the local community.


If you are specifying a new Gym then you will need to carry out a 'Noise Impact Assessment Test' and report which can be seen in our Sound Testing section. A great deal of Acoustic Design is needed for both noises travelling out into adjacent properties, travelling into quieter rooms and for managing the quality of sound internally. We cover everything from vast areas of cardiovascular activities to Olympic weightlifting - so whether you're proposing a new Gym or working to improve or resolve an existing one - we have the Systems to successfully design these!


To help you understand what the performance means and our additional focus on areas when gathering information for a soundproofing project, viewing more below will expand this for you. These systems will offer options for those looking at three deciding categories: Performance, Cost and Thickness. 


                             Acoustic Testing or Sound Testing

Acoustic Design         Installation             Sound Test


As you will know, Gyms are loud, noisy and full of enthusiastic energy. This is why we have created systems that cover all floors, walls and ceilings that are recommended for covering areas in these noise-sensitive structures. Vibration and Impact noise are the two biggest concerns. Weights dropping from pulled-weight machines, free-weights and weightlifting areas can be incredibly powerful, and in many cases cause the flooring and surrounding area to shake. We have created varying levels of 'Gym Platforms' for floors that span across SIX depths and robustness for solving even the most fragile of noise-sensitive areas. MuteGym™ offers not only a robust, durable and easy-to-fit platforming system but is also made of recycled materials. Their creation spans from managing Personal Training Areas, Cardiovascular Areas and Olympic weight area with our MuteGym™ 32, 51 and 70 to the 'Pro' multi-layer platforms, helping to reach those Acoustic Design targets


For Walls and Ceilings, there features our MuteClip®, a sound isolation clip that is essential for fitting to timber and metal stud frames, brick or block walls, timber joists and concrete ceilings. When it comes to impact noise, vibration and airborne noise separation from the partition is key to 'blocking' sound transference between rooms. Even in the most space-conscious areas, they are fitted directly to the partition to help balance the wonderful performance of MuteClip® and your rooms crucial space. You will find a selection below of these Systems.


Concrete structures are frequently built of the following, and all of our Systems are suitable with each.

  • Pre-Cast Concrete
  • Poured Concrete
  • Block and Beam Concrete


Understanding Performance in System Summary

Our system summaries are based on guided figures of the highest demonstrable number for this has what has been achieved. If you are an architect, acoustic consultant or specifier you will find all of our test data relevant to that system under 'System Performance' and complete test data under 'Related PDFs' for comparing different scenarios.


If you are a homeowner looking to improve the soundproofing or your home, we have given subjective readings in our 'System Performance' too, and we are always looking at how to best represent the effectiveness of our systems so that you feel comfortable in your decision. Talking to our wonderful team and their wealth of experience will help you to clear up any uncertainties you have.


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Airborne Performance Reading | We have included an 'up to' rating supported by taking our test data and applying the correction, we have outlined these in details in our 'Guide to Understanding Acoustic Test Results'. But, if you are comparing systems, with a (-*number) you need to subtract this from the first number as like our example below.


DnT,w (C;Ctr) =61 (-1;-7) dB | = 'Up to 54dB'


Impact Performance Readings | In our impact performance, we have two results depending on how we have tested them, and have tried to keep this as clear as possible. 'Down to *dB' is when you are measuring the amount of impact noise transferred. You are looking for a lower number here.


Ln,w =48dB = 'Down to 48dB'


The other is the reduction figure that takes before and after, this is more relevant with concrete floors.  We put (reduction) next to 'Up to *dB' this to indicate this.. You are looking for a higher number here.


Δ30dB (reduction) = 'Up to 30dB (reduction)'


Additional guidance for understanding system and performance. 

  • Systems are important to understand as a whole because they give the clearest picture. 'Soundproofing Products' are assembled and tested in a system, and this includes the partition, the floor in this case, with all its parts. A single floor mat will almost never provide you with an additional "45 dB reduction" for airborne noise, and will almost certainly include the floor as a whole. 
  • If the number signifying impact results go beyond 40dB, especially for a simple soundproof mat product, you could assume this is an L'nT,w or Ln,w rating, where you look for a lower number. Below this number they could be talking about the reduction, a Δ symbol is usually shown here, a higher number is desired here.


Understanding Costs in Systems

Since the costs can vary, we have based this on a £-£££££ rating. We are basing this on the material costs alone, and with floor finishes and additional fitting not included in this. We do provide installation and cover nationwide - we'd be more than happy to go through the details of this with you by contacting our team!


Understanding Thickness in Systems

Thickness is taking the material depths and noted alongside necessary elements of the structure. For example, MuteGym® are standalone systems and are simply applied to the concrete. We do not factor in floor finishes as they are not required with these options, they act as a floor finish! Our MuteClip® systems for both walls and ceilings come in three options, Direct, Internal and Independent. If you are fitting directly to an existing frame then it is just the total depth, this is both Direct and Internal. With Independent systems, we are factoring in the stud frame with an Isolation gap (10mm) from the partition.

Acoustic Design and Flanking Noise

Acoustic Design for both proposed and existing Gyms is a detailed and robust process where no weight is left unturned. Although a certain level of our design for soundproofing comes with every customer, Gyms on the other hand work side-by-side with 'Noise Impact Assessments', this is because of the fragile nature of excessive noise found with them and how they will impact adjacent homes and workplaces. Each system we provide here will have their own unique uses. Some may not be sufficient for its use, and some may be going over the top - it's about the right balance, not just for your pocket, but for our service too! We will investigate every step along the way with you to making your Gym a success, and provide the community with an acoustically controlled, and noise aware environment.


We are able to provide 'Partition Designs' that combine our systems with your structure to showcase potential acoustic performance values. We are able to look at the projected airborne and impact performances of various depths of concrete slabs across the different structural concrete. We put these alongside the layering of our various wall, floors and ceiling soundproofing systems. We are also able to do this with existing builds when we have the previous structure design with the relevant information.


Flanking transmission or flanking noise is where sound takes an alternative path, which varies from room to room, and structure to structure - no two are alike! When open cavities great, small or adjacent to the area you are covering, for example, a stud frame below and adjacent to the room of a floor and ceiling partition that is left empty or untreated, that becomes a weak point. We help to advise on these areas and provide options that range from installing Acoustic Mineral Wool between the studs to using varying wall and ceiling soundproofing systems to get it under control.


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MuteGym™ 70 Concrete | Gym Soundproofing

Our highest performing standalone gym platform to protect against significant weight drops that cause impact and vibration noise. Ideal for freeweight, Cross-fit and pulled-weight areas.

  • Airborne: Not Measured
  • Impact: up to 26dB (reduction)
  • £££
  • 70mm
More about MuteGym™ 70 Concrete | Gym Soundproofing

MuteGym™ 51 Concrete | Gym Soundproofing

Our mid-tier standalone gym soundproofing platform that protects against impact and vibration from cardiovascular, training and pulled-weight machines. Also areas with greater noise sensitivity.

  • Airborne: Not Measured
  • Impact: Up to 25dB (reduction)
  • ££
  • 51mm
More about MuteGym™ 51 Concrete | Gym Soundproofing

MuteGym™ 32 Concrete | Gym Soundproofing

Our slimmest standalone gym soundproofing platform that serves to protect against impact and vibration from cardiovascular, personal trainer and areas with sensitive noise issues on floors.

  • Airborne: Not Measured
  • Impact: Up to 23dB (reduction)
  • ££
  • 32mm
More about MuteGym™ 32 Concrete | Gym Soundproofing

MuteClip® Concrete Stud Double Plus | Ceiling Soundproofing

Incredible soundproof ceiling solution against both airborne and impact noise. Used everywhere between very problematic neighbour noise to studio builds and even in industrial and gym complexes.

  • Airborne: Up to 68dB
  • Impact: Down to 35dB
  • £££££
  • 190mm (with a 100mm stud frame)
More about MuteClip® Concrete Stud Double Plus | Ceiling Soundproofing

MuteClip® Concrete Stud Double | Ceiling Soundproofing

For those addressing problems with impact and airborne noise, look no further than this system. Providing a solution from the home the workplace to recording studios with our versatile MuteClip®

  • Airborne: Up to 65dB
  • Impact: Down to 40dB
  • ££££
  • 185mm (with a 100mm stud frame)
More about MuteClip® Concrete Stud Double | Ceiling Soundproofing

MuteClip® Stud Double | Wall Soundproofing

Independent wall solution using both stud frame and MuteClip® for isolation. It is a high performing system that protects against raise airborne noise and vibration found in homes and workplaces.

  • Airborne: Up to 70dB
  • Impact: Not Measured
  • ££££
  • 135mm (with a 50mm stud frame)
More about MuteClip® Stud Double | Wall Soundproofing

MuteMat® USP 600-17 Concrete Underscreed | Floor Soundproofing

Our best performing pimpled concrete under screed for best protection against impact and vibration by floating the screed finish. For noise-sensitive areas including industrial and gym use.

  • Airborne: Not Measured
  • Impact: Up to 28dB (reduction)
  • ££££
  • 17mm
More about MuteMat® USP 600-17 Concrete Underscreed | Floor Soundproofing

MuteClip® Stud Double Plus | Wall Soundproofing

Independent wall solution that uses our MuteClip®. Highest performance against reducing airborne noise and forms of vibration for homes and workspaces searching for a peaceful environment.

  • Airborne: Up to 72dB
  • Impact: Not Measured
  • £££££
  • 140mm (with a 50mm stud frame)
More about MuteClip® Stud Double Plus | Wall Soundproofing

MuteGym™ 51 Plus | Gym Soundproofing

Our essential gym soundproofing platform for addressing the high impact and vibration noise found across the various weightlifting areas. Ideal for when noise sensitive spaces are adjacent.

  • Airborne: Not Measured
  • Impact: Up to 32dB (reduction)
  • ££££
  • 80mm
More about MuteGym™ 51 Plus | Gym Soundproofing

MuteGym™ 32 Plus | Gym Soundproofing

Our robust gym soundproofing platforming that offers great performance against impact and vibration for noise-sensitive areas that include free-weights, weight machines and large aerobics classes.

  • Airborne: Not Measured
  • Impact: Up to 30dB (reduction)
  • £££
  • 61mm
More about MuteGym™ 32 Plus | Gym Soundproofing

MuteGym™ 70 Plus | Gym Soundproofing

Our unrivalled gym soundproofing platform to protect against incredibly high impact and vibration in areas that include Olympic weightlifting to Cross-fit. Designed for noise sensitive structures.

  • Airborne: Not Measured
  • Impact: Up to 34dB (reduction)
  • £££££
  • 100mm
More about MuteGym™ 70 Plus | Gym Soundproofing