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MuteBoard 3 Premium

Take a look at the system’s features and benefits.

MuteBoard System

Slimline acoustic panels can be applied directly to walls and stud frames.

29mm System Width

The width added to your wall after the application.

MuteBoard 3 premium Brick Wall Soundproofing System
Plaster skim & Paint

Hear the difference.

Play the video to hear the sound difference before and after installing this system. For best results try to match the volume of the unreduced audio to the volume of the noise you’re able to hear.

The noise in the video has been digitally reduced to give you an idea of the sorts of results you could expect. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect science and your personal results could vary due to myriad reasons. However, we have found our customers prefer to hear a decibel reduction rather than read it!

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

MuteBoard® 3 Plus system is a slim wall soundproofing solution, one that is practical for even the most space-conscious projects. As a direct fit system, MuteBoard® 3 Plus reduces airborne noise through its high mass, as the more substantial the materials the most effective they are at ‘blocking’ airborne noise. What this means for your soundproofing efforts is that with any muffled conversation or any other low-level background interference, these are going to be reduced.

MuteBoard® 3 is a dense, multi-layered board comprising of three material types, each bonded together to create an acoustic barrier, and these are combined with Tecsound, a visco-elastic material, this reduces vibration and breaks down sound energy by turning it into heat.

Soundproofing Existing Walls

The MuteBoard 3 Premium is ideal soundproofing for existing walls, no need to install a clip and channel or stud frame. The System is slimline and easy to install.

Firstly self-adhesive Tecsound SY70 is rolled onto the existing wall as a vibration-dampening high mass layer. The Tecsound is then over boarded with MuteBoard 3.

MuteBoard 3 consists of 3 layers, the first is a layer of noise vibration absorbing closed cell foam. The second is a layer of heavyweight mass-loaded vinyl. and the system is finished off with a layer of acoustic plasterboard for a functional finish that can be taped and jointed or skimmed ready for decoration.

Do Soundproof panels work?

Soundproof panels like the MuteBoard 3 can be an effective way to soundproof an existing wall. MuteBoard 3 soundproof panels with Tecsound SY70 on a brick wall can reduce the noise by up to 46 dB. Remember 10dB is perceived by the human ear as a halving of sound.

Advice and installation

Our team are always a phone call away ready to offer advice and support. Our systems can be installed by competent DIYers but if you would like to work with an installer we have relationships with installers up and down the UK that we can put you in touch with.

MuteBoard 3 Premium Calculator

Use our handy calculator to see what soundproofing products your project will require. Don’t forget to unfold the ‘more info’ tab below to learn how to use this calculator.

Once you have your calculator results you can add all the products to your basket using the button below. You will have to manually input the results from the calculator. We know this is not ideal and we are looking into developing a solution for this.

Brick Wall – MuteBoard 3 Premium

Partition Measurements


Advanced Settings

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Wall Isolation Clip Calculator
Wall Stud Center

The wall stud center is the distance between stud uprights. The typical stud upright is 600mm. If you are working directly on a brick wall we recommend using a 600mm spacing here also.

Wall Channel Center

The wall channel center is the distance between the horizontal MuteClip Channels. The typical channel center is 600mm. If you are working directly on a brick wall we recommend using a 600mm spacing here also.

  • If you have multiple adjacent surfaces or partitions to soundproof input them individually. Not as a total m2 input as this will affect the results.
  • If you have windows, fireplaces or other fixed structures we recommend booking a call with us before purchasing.
  • This calculator is designed to give a quick estimate. If you require an accurate quotation please call our team.


A soundproofing system isn’t rocket science but sometimes figuring out which one is right for you can be challenging. Check out our FAQs, get in touch via our live chat, or give us a call to speak to a human.

The housing stock in the UK ranges from homes that were built from dense materials where their natural resistance to airborne noise was high to the 1970s and 1980s where densely populated structures were constructed with cheap building materials.

Some of these were also not in the time frame of Part E Building Regulations, 2003 and beyond, where soundproofing was required, these offer poor acoustic performance against even the most conservative of neighbours. Neighbour noise is a significant trigger for conflicts and can cause great tension and stress in living conditions, especially if sleep is interrupted, or your sensitivity to sound is high, these can be brought on by even the most familiar of noises expected in the home – made worse by excesses like listening to music at unsociable hours, practising music instruments or the slamming of doors.

MuteBoard® 3 Plus is a slim solution to reducing these fundamental noise issues, with the addition of Tecsound this helps to provide a damping layer to the structure while being dense to reduce airborne noise issues, great for patching up walls that may be lightweight like breeze block. We would use this combination of materials in rooms that offer very little space to accommodate any separation or decoupling, and where noise is detected at a muffled level, and you desire to reduce to a more comfortable level.

MuteBoard® 3 Plus offers the world of soundproofing a useful slimline option that applies to any internal application and this is no different for commercial and industrial soundproofing projects that cannot provide the premium of space of our stud systems or MuteClip®.

A few examples of where this system can be fitted is between rooms that are separated by weak block work between internal office spaces to improve acoustic privacy, with those requiring higher levels this system can be applied on both sides of the wall, medical facilities is an excellent example for the introduction of such system, for partitions also found in manufacturing areas that need noise from background levels of operating machinery reduced.

The age and condition of the wall are essential for it to will need to be both stable and free from gaps or cracks in the mortar or brickwork, Tecsound is a self-adhesive application, so if the wall is crumbling the sheeting may pull off this layer and fall off the wall.

When the wall level deviates by a significant amount throughout this will make it very difficult to install MuteBoard® 3 directly as it is not a flexible product, breaking MuteBoard® 3 down do accommodate these will open up further airgaps and trapping of sound behind them. A wall will often require patching up and rendering to create a smoother and easier finish for installation. If you are uncertain, then speak to a structural engineer to be sure of its support of MuteBoard® 3 Plus.

You will always want to remove dot and dab plasterboard before installation as it creates a cavity behind it that allows sound to be amplified. This cavity varies depending on the depth of the mortar and the condition of the wall behind it, this is something you will need to prepare for.

If dot and dab plasterboard are present on adjacent walls you will want to consider removing this as installing MuteBoard® 3 and Tecsound up to this will no provide full coverage and thus leaving gaps for sound to travel. The two cavities left on the adjacent walls will continue to be a clear path to flank sound – If you cannot remove this then you will at least want to cut in the depth of MuteBoard® 3 and run up to the wall (remembering to leave a 2-5mm gap from MuteBoard to the structural wall and filling with acoustic sealant)

Find out more information about MuteBoard 3 Premium by downloading the guide below.

Product Data Sheet

If you are looking to specify this product for a build, please refer to our downloads tab for technical product or systems information.

Technical Support
Should you require further technical assistance in specifying our products, please contact us and ask for our Technical Rep, Gabriel Whittle.

BIM Objects
iKoustic also supply a selection of BIM objects via our NBS profile, which can be found here. 

Our products contain a high level of mass. If there are any structural concerns you will want to consult a Structural Engineer to discuss your requirements.

*Our Typical Performance Results and Noise Reduction Guidance are provided to indicate the results that have been achieved in previous tests but are not guaranteed to a specific site as multiple factors can affect this, you can view their variants on our ‘Featured Systems’ tab.


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