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Floor Soundproofing

MuteCradle 16/30

Take a look at the system’s features and benefits.

27dB ΔLw Impact Reduction*

Noises like footsteps on wood flooring and washing machines.

94 mm additional System Height

The height added (46mm batten and 18mm floorboard).

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Our MuteCradle™ 16/30mm system is our fully fitted acoustic cradle system, a high performing and efficient method to achieve an easy to install floating floor system. Creating a floating floor, in the case of soundproofing, is essential when treating excessive impact noise issues and areas where you expect high foot-traffic. One example of where we find high foot-traffic is in workplace environments, where a quiet and private space exists below a communal area, such as a kitchen.

The separation created by the MuteCradle™ system by the use of our MuteMat® OSF 750-10 affixed to the base, a dense rubber resilient layer that boosts acoustic performance for the reduction of impact noise. Where airborne noise is concerned, MuteCradle™, as we know, separates from the concrete subfloor, so this helps isolate low-frequency noise by creating an air gap, one that you insulate with Acoustic Mineral Wool. To further improve performance, you have the option to apply any of our flooring range to the cradle.

Soundproofing concrete floors in flats

Soundproofing concrete floors in flats is one of the most common reasons to soundproof your floor. Sometimes you have received complaints from your downstairs neighbours and sometimes you can actually hear them through your floor. Whether it’s TV noise, music or just talking this kind of noise raising into your flat can be very intrusive.

This page offers a guide of the sort of options you will find open to you when it comes to soundproofing Concrete floors in flats.

Advice and installation

Our team are always a phone call away ready to offer advice and support. Our systems can be installed by competent DIYers but if you would like to work with an installer we have relationships with installers up and down the UK that we can put you in touch with.


A soundproofing system isn’t rocket science but sometimes figuring out which one is right for you can be challenging. Check out our FAQs, get in touch via our live chat, or give us a call to speak to a human.

MuteCradle™ is compatible with all types of concrete construction: block and beam, precast and cast in-situ concrete which makes it a superb option for creating a new subfloor platform that helps to level uneven flooring, soundproof against both impact and airborne transmission, and for when servicing is required to be run out of sight.

MuteCradle™ offers a great alternative for those not wanting to implement a screed finish – it can deal with variations in height both small and large, for those with steps in to other rooms – and creating a completely level soundproof floor. Our MuteCradle™ Packers are available in a range of sizes and MuteCradle™ 16/30 works alongside our 45/60 offering a higher degree of levelling.

For Part E Building Regulations concerning both new build and conversions in concrete structures, MuteCradle™ helps to pass the states impact insulation values, but for airborne additional mass may be required to assist with the airborne values, for example the addition of our MuteDeck™ 18mm, or MuteMat® 3. For new structures we can help your proposal by assembling all components proposed in our acoustic partition design to look at potential acoustic figures for both impact noise and airborne noise. Estimated figure of Ln,w 54 dB is expected.

For office installations MuteCradle™ performs highly for noise issues revolving around impact noise and structural borne vibration, for example large printers in direct contact with the floor creating a loud hum, and it helps to improve airborne by way of separation. The void created then allows server wiring, appliance power supplies and any other servicing to run without having to create additional boxing. The void created is also fit for the laying of Acoustic Mineral Wool and this helps to improve the airborne reduction.

With all these examples, and especially recording studios, audio suites and cinema rooms the MuteCradle™ is providing separation from the structure which reduces points of contact made and helps to improve low frequency transmission of sound, which is problematic when it reaches the structure for it can travel great distances with high energy when reaching such a solid mass. We have specified the use of MuteCradle™ in audio focused environments even when there are not properties below for the lower sound energy can travel through the structural foundations and negate any wall soundproofing you have in place.

Using the 46mm softwood batten recommended with the MuteCradle™ and the maximum height to be created at 30mm riser and 20mm maximum of MuteCradle Packers – this allows for a total thickness of 75mm of Acoustic Mineral Wool – for a 10mm air gap is required to where 100mm would create compression and points of contact.

There should be no more than a 3mm deviation in any point of the subfloors final level for this could leave the a lesser acoustic performance and create stability issues, make sure to use our MuteCradle™ packers to assure the flooring is level.

Depending on your requirements there are a broad range of soundproofing solutions available – if you are uncertain of what you require we can look to provide acoustic testing to assist in acquiring certain acoustic targets that could be in in Part E Building Regulations or feature in Building Control requirements for special circumstances.

Find out more information about MuteCradle 16/30 by downloading the guides below.

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Our products contain a high level of mass. If there are any structural concerns you will want to consult a Structural Engineer to discuss your requirements.

*Our Typical Performance Results and Noise Reduction Guidance are provided to indicate the results that have been achieved in previous tests but are not guaranteed to a specific site as multiple factors can affect this, you can view their variants on our ‘Featured Systems’ tab.

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