MuteBarrier™ 10kg/m2

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  • Performance: up to 28dB*
  • Dimensions: 1.2m x 1.2m x 4mm (1.44m²).
  • Weight: 14.4kg
  • For: homes, workplaces, industrial developments, acoustic fencing, and specialist audio environments.
  • Compliance: Compliant with both Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).*
  • Installation: Please see our installation tab below.
  • Where: multi-use application on floors, walls and ceilings. Hardwearing for under carpets, and for external use for the creation of acoustic fencing, or a sound barrier

MuteBarrier™ is a flexible, hardwearing, PVC Mass Loaded Vinyl product used for creating sound barriers, and can be used internally for soundproofing floors, walls and ceilings.

MuteBarrier™ 10kg is a PVC Mass Loaded Vinyl, and if you have been reviewing your soundproofing options, you will have undoubtedly come across Mass Loaded Vinyl. It is a hardwearing, dense material used for soundproofing against airborne noise where there are tight spaces, especially for use in timber constructions, on all walls, floors and ceilings. 10kg means that the weight per meter squared is 10kg, not the roll size. Over the years, because of its lack of self-adhesive, we only specify MuteBarrier™ to the floor for laying as Tecsound is our alternative on walls and ceilings. To achieve the best possible solution on soundproofing projects, you will need to incorporate them into 'Systems', and it is here you will find MuteBarrier as a system for timber builds.


  • 4mm x 1.2m x 1.2m (1.44m²).
  • Can be used as a single sheeting or to improve results, used as part of our MuteBarrier 10kg/m2 System.
  • Suitable for reducing low levels of airborne noise.
  • Impact noise will not be reduced with MuteBarrier, please see our MuteMat range for guidance on reducing impact.
  • PVC Mass Loaded Vinyl.



The subjective nature of noise means your sensitivity to a specific sound or event will differ from others. These noises could be from disruption from footsteps above, or conversation from all directions, or even the loud, tin-like sound from the rain in contact with metal sheeting. Acoustic issues will vary for homes or workplaces.

MuteBarrier™ 10kg is part of iKoustic's MuteRange core - these are products that been subjected to stringent testing in both laboratory and real-world environments providing the best possible solution for the purpose with a result you can trust.


You can find out more about our all-encompassing MuteRange by clicking on the icon below or get in contact with iKoustic today.




This product contains a high level of mass if there any structural concerns you will want to consult a Structural Engineer to discuss your requirements.

*Our Typical Performance Results and Noise Reduction Guidance are provided to indicate the results that have been achieved in previous tests but are not guaranteed to a specific site as multiple factors can affect this, you can view their variants on our 'Systems' tab.

We endeavour to display the most up to date testing and assist in managing your expectations through each stage of the process so that the choice we make is the right one.

Weight14.4 kg
Length1200 mm
Width1200 mm
Height4 mm

We are always looking for the best ways to describe to you the world of soundproofing through introducing guides that range from the basic principles of sound, how to best soundproof surfaces and what to look for, and how to understand acoustic test data, and this is only naming a few! We want to help you come to the right decision, so whether this is through the use of our guides or talking to a member of our team - we are here to help!

How to soundproof floors, walls and ceilings.

A combination of the following will always result in a much improved acoustic performance.


  • Mass: the addition of more substantial materials to reduce sound energy, for example, added layers combined with soundproof plasterboard.
  • Separation: breaking contact with the surface or surfaces through the use of acoustic isolation clips or stud framing.
  • Damping: the reduction of vibration through the use of flexible, damping materials such as Tecsound.

We understand that it is not always possible to factor in the significant loss of space that the introduction of isolated stud frames or the use of acoustic cradles, so we provide different variances to suit what performance you need, your budget and thickness.


Learn more about what you need, and how to approach soundproofing floors, walls and ceilings below.



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