DuraBloc (Set of 2)

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DuraBloc is a high quality, stable and high performing pad for stopping weight drop impact noise, designed primarily (but not exclusively) for Gym areas that include; cross-fit, free weights and deadlift platforms. These are supplied in sets of two to allow weights to be dropped from height at ease, reducing shock and vibration causing issues with neighbouring properties in both commercial and residential settings.



In Gym design, soundproofing is one of the most important elements in a multi-use building as to not disturb your neighbours. With large weights up to a professional level, it is paramount to provide good acoustic solutions across the board which we have outlined in detail about the process in our blog entry below;

Acoustics in Gym Design

"To minimise the risk of complaints regarding gym noise, we recommend that new mixed-use developments are designed so that noise from the gym is generally inaudible in adjoining dwellings. This is a much higher level of sound insulation than the minimum requirements in Part E of the Building Regulations. Inaudibility is particularly difficult to quantify as it is dependent on the background noise levels and the Gym may not yet have been built. In these cases iKoustic use nominal design targets such as ...

Design targets for maximum gym noise levels in habitable rooms of adjoining residential properties:

Daytime (0700-2300hrs) - 20 dB LAmax

Night-time (2300-0700hrs) - 10 dB LAmax"

DuraBloc Information

  • 725mm x 620mm x 130mm (Set of two)
  • PVC 600gsm casing
  • Heavy duty zip
  • Specific density of foam to absorb impact
  • 10kg
  • Highly durable with fitted and flat straps to avoid trip hazards
  • Double stitched seams
  • Gripped base to avoid movement
  • Additional colours are available
Weight10 kg
Length730 mm
Width620 mm
Height130 mm