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Plasterboard is typical in construction, as it is used to line walls, ceilings and on the odd occasion, used for flooring. We at iKoustic supply a range of Acoustic Plasterboard options, the ones displayed here we stock and other specialist soundproof Plasterboards we have access to but do not stock. What makes these 'soundproof' is that they have a higher density by having a heavier 'core'. The core is the Gypsum material found between the paper sheeting you find with every plasterboard. When you are soundproofing a wall or a ceiling, you will want to be considering the use of these Acoustic Plasterboards combining with other dedicated soundproofing plasterboard materials, depending on your noise issues. We have listed a few of our most popular soundproofing plasterboard systems below.



We often combine Acoustic Plasterboard with other materials to increase its soundproofing qualities, These combinations of materials you can find in our systems section, where we have options for all sorts of property types, sizes and budgets! Directly applying mass to a wall or ceiling only looks at satisfying one component of reducing noise - its weight. There are other essential principles for getting the best soundproofing plasterboard possible.


  • Mass: the addition of dense materials to lessen sound energy, for example, adding layers in combination with soundproof plasterboard.
  • Separation: breaking contact with the partition or partitions through the use of our MuteClip sound isolation clips and stud framing.
  • Damping: is the conversion of vibration to heat through the use of flexible, elasticated materials such as Tecsound. You will not feel this heat!


The creation of an air gap can reduce the performance of any partition, such as through the use of dot and dab plasterboard, however and air cavity this can also be utilised as an acoustical advantage. Allowing for the fitting of acoustic mineral wool this helps to absorb sound waves, transferring the energy instead into heat. This also stops sound from bouncing around within cavities and amplifying or spreading throughout a structure or partition.


If you are in the process of selecting an Acoustic Plasterboard in soundproofing your home, workplace or business, then we recommend exploring our Guides and various blogs. Or, speak to our always helpful team on 01937 588 226!


It may be that your single layer of Acoustic Plasterboard or even a double layer will not be sufficient for what you are trying to block, or that the methods presented to you are not quite up to scratch. We recommend always to avoid dot and dab, and to remove before applying anything over the top!


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