Tecsound SY50 ALU

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  • Self-adhesive vibration dampening membrane.
  • Soundproofing for walls and ceilings.
  • Aluminium backed for decorative purposes
  • Effective against impact and airborne noise.
  • Performance: 25.2dB* What’s this?
  • Dimensions: 6m x 1.22m x 3mm (7.32m2)
  • Weight: 40kg.

Tecsound is a flexible, easy-to-handle and high-performing acoustic membrane for all your soundproofing needs. it is a feature in many of our acoustic systems and is suited for timber and concrete structures with a particular focus on the ‘muting’ of vibration in metal structures.

Tecsound SY50 ALU

Tecsound SY50 ALU is a wonder material in the soundproofing world. If you are soundproofing a wall or ceiling Tecsound can perform a vital role in reducing both impact and airborne noise.

Tecsound is a Visco elastic membrane that is excellent at absorbing sound vibrations. Its high mass means it performs well at reducing airborne noise. Tecsound is self-adhesive meaning it can be rolled out on walls and ceilings for simple installation.

Tecsound is best used as part of a ‘soundproofing system’ in these systems we pair Tecsound with complementary soundproofing products to develop the most effective soundproof partitions that take up the least possible space.

Tecsound SY50 aluminium
Tecsound self adhesive

Self Adhesive Tecsound

The self-adhesive coating makes installing Tecsound much easier. We recommend cutting your roll down to manageable sizes with a utility knife. Then ideally two people can roll it up the wall.

Vibration dampening graphic

Vibration dampening

One of the most remarkable features of this product is its ability to dampen vibration on metal structures. Vibration and resonance are noticeably dissipated with Tecsound.

Impact Noise

Reduces airborne and impact noise

Most soundproofing materials can only reduce impact or airborne noise but due to its unique properties, Tecsound is effective against both.

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Tecsound UK shipping

Tecsound SY50 is shipped on a pallet. Unlike others, we hold stock of all of our products ready to dispatch same day Monday to Friday. We also offer next day delivery for orders placed before 1pm Monday to Friday.

Damp proof-01

Mould, moisture and fungus resistant

Tecsound does offer some mould, moisture, and fungus-resistant properties.

  • Tecsound SY50 ALU is a self-adhesive material, and when Tecsound arrives, you will find two sheets attached as you roll it out. One of them is a polypropylene fleece that helps increase the tear strength of the Tecsound, do not tear this off, the other is the removable protective covering to expose the adhesive, this is easy to peel off compared to the protective fleece. If you are unsure, peel a little off the corner to reveal the adhesive side.
  • You should install Tecsound over the joins of acoustic plasterboard and not meet them up to create an airtight system. The lesser joins, the better. With this in mind, when cutting Tecsound you will want to keep them as generous as possible without being challenging to manage, it is easy to cut with a new Stanley blade, and you will want to have at least two people during the installation.

When hung as an acoustic curtain it measures a 25.2dB reduction – what this means is if a sound measuring device is placed at one end with a sound played at another (usually in a controlled environment and to a specific level of sound) it would reduce it by this amount. You cannot add decibels together, so when using Tecsound SY50 between acoustic plasterboards, applied directly to a wall or within one of our MuteClip® Systems, these results will differ and is not always possible to determine what level of sound proofing the Tecsound will provide in these composites.

Bathrooms and wet rooms present high amounts of vapour and moisture, which can gradually degrade the adhesive qualities and elastic materials in the Tecsound SY50. We recommend that when using Tecsound in an acoustic system, it has at least a Vapour or Moisture board protecting it from either side, it is most common that Moisture Board is used internally in bathrooms to preserve the soundproofing materials behind it, there should be no direct exposure to damp areas. Vapour Boards concern primarily external walls, so in areas where you expect – you may wish to discuss to use of soundproofing materials with a damp specialist.

Tecsound SY50’s temperature range is between -20°C to 60°C, anything above and below these could compromise performance with direct contact – it is best to create a form of boxing around these pipes if noise can be heard from them and apply Tecsound to the acoustic plasterboard boxing. You should discuss these options with a registered plumbing expert to be sure of its compatibility.

Waste moving through waste pipes can make for an uncomfortable environment, especially if it lacks acoustic treatment. Tecsound SY50 ALU can be used to soundproof waste flues, and you should aim to box in the waste pipe to improve the soundproofing performance.

As an alternative, our Tecsound FT 55 AL works exceptionally well against soundproofing waste piping.

Tecsound is a Visco elastic membrane that is excellent at absorbing sound vibrations. Its high mass means it performs well at reducing airborne noise. Tecsound is self-adhesive meaning it can be rolled out on walls and ceilings for simple installation.

Yes, it does, and you will recognise this instantly when you apply it. The self-adhesive backing helps to make sure that the material is in full exposure, and is always in even contact with the surface, this is why we always opt for self-adhesive. Energy from the vibration, especially from metal structures, is absorbed into the Tecsound SY50 ALU and the resonance of sound is dampened, resulting in the removal of a long-delayed ring heard in metal structures. Tecsound is often used between acoustic plasterboard to provide additional soundproofing properties, and the aim is to provide different physical properties, densities and material composites to break down sound in a range of ways.

The aluminium facing of Tecsound SY50 ALU is for decorative purposes only, for example – in industrial environments or when being applied to ducting or other metal structures it helps to blend in with the existing aesthetic instead of leaving the facing of Tecsound exposed.

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