Raft Note | Ceiling Soundproofing Panel

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  • Acoustic Baffle to reduce echo and reverberation.
  • Prevents rooms from feeling ’empty and echoey’
  • Recycled Product
  • Ideal for use in cafe’s, restaurants and offices
  • Class A absorption material
  • Dimensions: 1180mm (length) x 1180mm (width) x 265mm (height).
  • Weight: 10kg

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Raft Note | Ceiling Soundproofing Panel

Raft Note™ is an acoustic raft that can be dropped into your room by variable heights that can create an aesthetically appealing and very high-performing acoustic system to reduce any reverberation or echo within your space. Do you have a spacious environment that wants to keep the atmosphere of a free-flowing visual space, but want to make sure that the internal acoustic quality is of the highest standard while fitting alongside the room’s dynamics?  Raft Note™ can be suspended from a great height to accompany different ceiling levels to reduce reverberation by exposing all surfaces for maximum coverage. Whether the design is to create a particular relationship with space or to be incongruous – Raft Note™ can be custom designed and is available in eleven different colours, or you can choose from our in-house stock designs of Rounded or Square. Raft Note™ falls into the Class A Absorption rating.

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The physical properties of space; the size of it, to the geometry and the material composition internally all lend to painting the soundscape in a particular way and influencing reverberation in both positive and negative ways – depending on it’s intended usage. Large, open spaces with no sound absorption materials or soft furnishings that want to conduct lectures and discussion groups may find that the acoustic conditions are unbearable. You are recognising that you are regularly raising your voice over your own, or others, or you are struggling to hear a word the speaker is saying – even with the use of a PA. In short, we need to know what sort of activities are planned in your space, whether they exist now or proposed and to take details of the following – for there is no one solution for any repeat measurements of any one of the points – no two rooms are the same.

  • The room size
  • Geometry, for instance, pitched roof with an octagon shape would have a completely different trajectory of sound than a simple rectangle room with a flat roof
  • What each surface has as a building material, for instance, a polished wooden floor with exposed breezeblock walls and a wood panel ceiling

First, we aim to create an estimated acoustic modelling of the room or look to carry out an Acoustic Test, we then we look at required levels alongside your budget in mind for introducing Dropped Note™ to your space and discussing any visual requirements you may have in terms of colour scheme and their arrangement.

Raft Note™ is not suited for the reduction of airborne noise issues, these are: conversations coming through partitions, overhearing televisions or music – they are for treating the internal acoustics of the room to improve the quality of speech and listening in general, as well as reducing the domestic ambient noise levels from being amplified in an open environment. It achieves this from being a lightweight, fibrous material that is suspended from the ceiling to create a cavity to which increases its acoustic performance of reducing reverberation in a space. But, it is often required in a vast range of scenarios that both soundproofing efforts go hand in hand with sound absorption materials to create good sound control across the board.

Raft Note™ is made of 100% Polyester Fibres which makes it safe for almost any internal application for there are not exposed irritants or loose fibres – of this 65% comes from Post Consumer Recycled Content with 35% from Pre Consumer Recycled PET fibres.

Fire Rating: EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009: B – s1, d0.

Modern design approaches to the hospitality sector have progressed with the aesthetics drawing from a minimalist design: exposed concrete flooring, brick and block work walls all cragged and left to the elements with lots of hard furnishing. And in restaurants we are often seeing the kitchen environment opened up, to create an exposed and lively environment – creating engagement between Chefs and the customers by including them in the atmosphere, allowing them to be part of the experience.

But, with this comes the noise created in kitchens that were once hidden away behind the small porthole door beyond the bar is now central – so we now have the free-flowing environment being subject to the noise issues found in kitchens reverberating around the dining space. Raft Note™ is a simple but beautiful addition to remedying these noise issues in a way that controls the background noise level – and is perfectly acceptable in cooking environments. The only initial suggestion we do have is to look at darker colour schemes where placement is required in areas with excessive vapour and smoke for staining will occur over time.

Raft Note™ is straightforward to install and is accomplished by using the included suspension wires – depending on your desired drop extension cables may be required in which we can assist with.

Contact our team if you are interested in a custom design.

Find out more information about Raft by downloading the guides below.

Product Data Sheet

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