Soft Note™ | Acoustic Panels

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  • Performance: ‘A’ Class absorption rating.
  • Dimensions: 50mm thickness and various sizes.
  • Weight: Varies depending on the size.
  • For: Homes, workplaces and music auditoriums.
  • Installation: Self-adhesive Backing
  • Where: For walls and ceilings direct fix

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Soft Note™ | Acoustic Panels

Soft Note™ is an acoustic fabric wrapped pannel with a high performing melamine core that can be installed on any available ceiling and or wallspace. Soft Note™ is our elegant and straightforward direct acoustic panelling that is high performing in tackling excessive reverberation. Whether you are creating a particular colour relationship with chosen location or something incongruent by making a statement to clash with the colours, you can do this by choosing from our vast selection of available colours, of which there are 32.

Due to its thick, soft fibre composition, even as a direct fitting to walls and ceilings it yields to a Class A Absorption rating, so if there are acoustic issues that appear beyond control, get them under control with Soft Note™.

Sound absorbing panel 2

There are several ways that the physical space can have an effect on the overall soundscape, and this makes it difficult to predict the levels of sound absorption required for no two are alike, even if the volumetric size is precisely the same, its geometry and material composition will change this. There may be significantly more windows or the room as a lot of recesses or a mezzanine level that all changes and reflects sounds in different ways – and these can be positive or negative depending on what activities and events you wish to hold. We need to obtain a complete picture to achieve the best figures possible for what is required by uncovering what sort of activities are planned in the space, whether they exist now or are proposed and details of the following:

The room size

In geometry, for instance, a pitched roof with an octagon shape would have a completely different trajectory of sound than a simple rectangle room with a flat roof

What each surface has as a building material, for instance, a polished wooden floor with exposed breezeblock walls and a wood panel ceiling

First, we aim to create an estimated acoustic modelling of the room or look to carry out an Acoustic Test, we then we look at required levels alongside your budget in mind for introducing Soft Note™ to your space and discussing any visual requirements you may have in terms of colour scheme and their arrangement.

Our Soft Note™ in its 50mm thickness can be used to reduce background levels of airborne noise – but more through lowering the sound pressure and internal issues that hard furnishings help to amplify. For excessive noise issues, you want to look at our MuteRange for acoustic materials that are used for the reduction of sound transmission.

With the minimal, open-plan interior design approach dominating the aesthetics of internal environments, this follows the principle of stripping back soft furnishings, exposing the structural walls and leaving concrete flooring to be exposed – rarely covering, and even if so it is with a tiling or wooden floor finish, both reflective. Another approach that restaurants have started adopting is the opening of the kitchen environment – this creates a very inclusive and interactive environment where the customer is able to view the chefs at work, and the whole experience is holistic in its overall approach.

But, this is opening the dining area to noise found in abundance in the kitchen environment, in these minimal design interiors tend to lead to poor internal acoustics, which if they are disrupting the interaction between customers and guests, defeats the purpose of creating a full experience. Soft Note™ can be installed in any of these scenarios yielding great success with improving sound control here – the only recommendation we have is that darker colour schemes are used in areas with excessive vapour and smoke as this could lead to staining over time.

Soft Note™ is incredibly easy to install, there is no requirement for assembly on site as any colour-wrapped Soft Note™ materials are provided ready-wrapped, there are various methods for fixing that our design team will discuss with you to make sure it runs as smooth as possible.

Find out more information about Soft Note by downloading the guides below.

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Product Data Sheet

Note Product Range

Note Range Product Data

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Our products contain a high level of mass. If there are any structural concerns you will want to consult a Structural Engineer to discuss your requirements.

*Our Typical Performance Results and Noise Reduction Guidance are provided to indicate the results that have been achieved in previous tests but are not guaranteed to a specific site as multiple factors can affect this, you can view their variants on our ‘Featured Systems’ tab.

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