Acoustic Underlay

When it comes to Acoustic Underlays, there are certain soundproofing products that are more suitable for specific constructions as well as what is best used to reduce certain noise issue, also including adhering to Part E Building Regulations.

Timber requires a compressible soundproofing material regarding impact noise, our MuteMat 2 and MuteMat 3 are fantastic solutions for this type of scenario given it is a PE Crosslinked foam giving a better overall consistency and as a plus, does not absorb moisture unlike chip foam alternatives. Airborne requires additional mass over the area to reduce sound transference, our product is a suitable upgrade for regular floorboarding, coupled with MuteMat 2, MuteMat 3, MuteBarrier 5kg, MuteBarrier 10kg and our Tecsound range.

Concrete in most cases requires only an impact reducing soundproofing underlay given the sheer mass of concrete being sufficient for airborne transfer. For the best acoustic performance our MuteMat 2 would yield phenomenal results, followed by our ultra slim line GenieMat RST range. GenieMat is a recycled rubber underlay which is very dense, thus allowing a large range of flooring finishes to be applied to the top.


A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor



Each of our products are associated with a System, so think of each product as a component which is assembled with others to put together the best soundproofing available.

For further improvements, do see our Independent Soundproof Ceiling options.

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