Acoustic Underlay

The growth of urban living is currently leading to complex noise issues that require more attention as we move into properties of multiple occupancy. It is important early on in the design process to make sure acoustic underlays are factored in to minimise failure in acoustic performance at the testing phase, potential issues with flanking transmission through neglecting specific areas as well as potential costly remedial works if the incorrect product or system is installed, all of which are important for passing Part E Building Regulations. All soundproof underlay materials are suited for installation as a retrofit to improve already existing properties.

With Acoustic Underlay there are certain soundproofing products that provide better acoustic performances than others for specific purposes and constructions, we can help you choose what is best soundproof underlay product to use to reduce certain noise issues by taking into account regulations such as Part E Building Regulations and factoring in any additional acoustic requirements for the best soundproofing underlay solution possible. Our core products appear in our MuteRange - you can find out more by clicking the icon below.



Timber requires a low density, compressible soundproofing material when reducing impact noise in which our MuteMat® 2 and MuteMat® 3 are fantastic solutions for this scenario given that they are assembled with a Crosslinked polyethylene foam that gives a stable overall consistency with it’s given molecular structure and does not absorb moisture like it’s chip foam alternatives, best for a long lasting material. Airborne requires additional mass over the entire area to reduce sound transference, products suitable for upgrading regular floor boarding are MuteMat® 2, MuteMat® 3, MuteBarrier™ 5kg, MuteBarrier™ 10kg and our Tecsound range.

Concrete in the majority of cases requires only an impact reducing soundproofing underlay given that the sheer mass of concrete is usually sufficient for reducing airborne transmission. For the best acoustic underlay performance our MuteMat® 2 would yield phenomenal results followed by our ultra slim line MuteMat® OSF 750 range. MuteMat® OSF 750 is our highly recycled rubber underlay that is effective across a wide range of frequencies, and due to its high density it allows a range of flooring finishes to be applied to the top without an additional overlay.


A Guide to Soundproofing a Floor



Typical Use


  • Part E Building Regulations in both Residential and Commercial

  • Rehearsal spaces and recording studios

  • Domestic requirements for higher levels of soundproofing

  • Music venues


Each of our products are incorporated in to a System, so think of each product as a component which is assembled with others to put together the best soundproofing underlay available.

For further improvements, do see our Independent Soundproof Ceiling options.


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