Acoustic Wall Board

As modern consumer technology becomes more readily available, more noises are to expect in the home and workplace - with personal small Bluetooth stereos, large television sets and gatherings for social events and workplace meetings the requirement for improved wall soundproofing is a must.

When space is a major concern, we provide our slim-line, easy to install MuteBoard range to cover a range of structures, providing additional performance over standard plasterboard by creating resilience and different soundproof layer compositions to help reduce airborne noise transfer. – iKoustic can help guide you through soundproofing a wall  by clicking on our logo below for A Guide to Soundproofing a Wall or by contacting us today on 01937 588 226.


A Guide to Soundproofing a Wall



Can be used for


  • Where a slimline system is required
  • Part E Building Regulations in both Residential and Commercial settings
  • General home soundproofing and office soundproofing
  • As an upgrade to standard plasterboard
  • Where noise issues are not so drastic

You can contact iKoustic today on 01937 588 226 to discuss your requirements and we can help you select the right system.