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iKoustic offers a broad and comprehensive range of fitness centre and gym soundproofing materials that can be specified installed in small personal home gyms with the most modest of equipment, such as featuring a spin cycle, all the way up to large professional and commercial gyms that are built into multi-purpose structures that have both residential and commercial neighbours, both of which can be heavily affected by the impact noise that everything from the use of treadmills - up to free-weight studios and including the featuring of Olympic weight lifting, generate. All of our soundproof flooring covers and underlays featured in our soundproof fitness range are created with the environment in mind, with materials consisting of not only 90%+ of recycled materials, but we can break these down and recycle them again in the future.

Noise issues in gyms are often inundated with the presence of low-end impact and airborne noise, these have the tendency to travel great distances and in all directions by flanking transmission. With this in mind, it is crucial to consider soundproofing even when properties are not directly adjacent, and it is also vital to find how the sound will travel and flank internally. For example - creating rooms that require a peaceful ambience like yoga centres, and placing them next to weight lifting areas or even corridors that receive increased foot traffic to where both impact and airborne noise becomes an issue, these negatively affect the holistic and tranquil experience of the space. Music is also a significant contributing factor to the overall noisy sound-scape of gyms, satellite-mounted speakers dot throughout and are often set to a unison volume level - these usually require mounting and acoustically treated in the appropriate manner.


The range features a series of acoustic materials which we will explain in brief here.


Our MuteGym™ floor soundproofing range is our modular, compression moulded and incredibly effective gym platform that has maximum impact sound attenuation in mind, with each thickness representing the best performance for each Gym area in 32mm, 51mm and 70mm.  When you purchase MuteGym™ you are investing in a long-term, durable product that is highly engineered and rigorously tested to maintain consistency in performance and appearance, which is easy to install with it’s patented KrosLock system, and also functions as a final floor finish with slip-resistant qualities. You will also find a selection of transition ramps for ease of access that match up with their platform heights.

There is also our MuteGym™ SPF 17, a pimpled acoustic material that deviates between 10mm and 17mm for creating a floating floor platform. This is often used as either a standalone with use of a ply basing on top or with our MuteGym™ tiling range - these options can be found in our gym soundproofing systems range by clicking systems icon.

Next is our MuteBloc™ set - designed to be portable and incredibly effective against significant weight drops - protecting both the flooring and near on muting all impact noise transfer to the floor. An incredibly vital material to have featured in any gym where dead weight drops are in place.

MuteStop™ is our jig-saw interlocking ring used in to retrofit multi-weight stacks by fitting directly to the guide-shaft - no need to disassemble the apparatus to install it, apply the correct combination of MuteStop colours to the weights you intend to use.

MuteClip® is our dual-density, highly effective and most versatile acoustic clip system for reducing significant airborne and impact noise issues for soundproofing walls and ceilings. For gyms, we recommend on ceilings with weights being dropped to help reduce remaining vibration transfer into the ceiling structure and to use in adjoining noise sensitive areas to soundproof walls. You can find our MuteClip® Stud Double Plus systems by clicking on the systems icon below.


Acoustic Systems


Call iKoustic today on 01937 588 226 to discuss your requirements or book your Gym Noise Impact Assessment.


Typical scenarios of our MuteGym™ and MuteClip® range


  • Soundproofing Hotels with Fitness centres
  • Soundproofing Office and Workplaces featuring gym areas
  • Soundproofing personal home gyms
  • Boutique gyms with highly driven customer experience
  • Expansive Fitness and Spa centres with multiple uses that require soundproofing across various areas
  • For maximum soundproofing in large and commercial gyms in urban areas
  • Heavyweight lifting areas that need protection against structural-borne vibration
  • Sound insulation for the transference of music between rooms



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