MuteBarrier™ Plus

A floor system designed to reduce airborne sound transmission through a floor, reducing sound entering or leaving the room. Simple to install and cost effective the system will give a noticeable reduction in airborne sound on timber floor constructions.

  • Airborne: 55dB (DnT,w + Ctr) *
  • Impact: 56dB (L'nT,w) *
  • 9mm
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Our MuteBarrier Plus system is designed for achieving good reductions in airborne sound through a floor partition while maintaining minimal additional height to the floor build up. Airborne sound can come from a variety of sources and is simply sounds that travel through the air before passing through a partition such as a floor / ceiling or a wall. Common issues with airborne sound could come from speech, televisions, music among many others.



Fully installed the system would consist of installing around 100mm of 60kg/m³ acoustic wool between the floor joists, this will help to reduce cavity resonance and absorb some of the sound passing through. Tecsound S100 would then be laid on top of the subfloor providing excellent vibration reducing characteristics and additional mass, ideal for airborne sound reduction. On top of this the MuteBarrier 10kg/m² is applied as the top layer, this will add mass and act as a hard-wearing final layer. The Perimeter Flanking Band and Acoustic Sealant should be used to separate and seal any hard surfaces from the walls. Any gaps, cracks or holes should also be sealed up to reduce flanking transmission.

This system is ideally installed with acoustic mineral wool within the joist cavity to achieve up to the maximum performance possible. The system can also be installed just as an overlay where it is not possible to lift some of the existing sub floor but performance will be reduced.


Partition Build-Up


Thickness (mm)

Mass (kg/m2)

MuteBarrier 10kg/m²410
Tecsound S100510
Structural Board / floorboards--
Acoustic Mineral Wool 60 kg/m31006
Ceiling Build Up--

Please see images for build-up diagrams



  • Good reduction in Airborne Sound
  • Additional floor build up only 9mm
  • Easy to install
  • Can be loose laid
  • Can accept a variety of floor finishes


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