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MuteMat 3

Take a look at the system’s features and benefits.

57dB Impact Reduction*

Noises like footsteps on wood flooring and washing machines.

12 mm additional System Height

The height added to your floor after the system is installed.


Hear the difference.

Play the video to hear the airborne sound difference before and after installing this system. For best results try to match the volume of the unreduced audio to the volume of the noise you’re able to hear.

The noise in the video has been digitally reduced to give you an idea of the sorts of results you could expect. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect science and your personal results could vary due to myriad reasons. However, we have found our customers prefer to hear a decibel reduction rather than read it!

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

Our MuteMat® 3 system is a high-performing solution for soundproofing timber floors, providing noise control for both home and workplace.

This system seeks to improve both airborne and impact noise issues while offering you something slim with an excellent performance against even the most intrusive noises.

MuteMat® 3 is a compressible soundproof underlay. MuteMat 3 reduces airborne noise with 2 layers of heavy mass loaded vinyl and reduces impact noise with a layer of closed cell foam.

We recommend the installation of Acoustic Mineral Wool between the joists, at no less than 45kg per m3, and also the placing of Isolation Strips on joists to provide a floating floor.

As a full system, MuteMat 3 will help reduce sounds from conversations and TV whilst also reducing noises from footsteps to rooms below.

How to soundproof a floor from noisy neighbours

If conversations, TV and music noise can be overheard from downstairs neighbours you will need to treat your floor above the affected area. This can sound like a major job but really the work can usually be completed in a couple of days.

Firstly you will need to lift your old floor to expose the joists. These joists may already have insulation or they may not, either way, one of the most impactful steps you can take is filling the gaps between your joists with high-density acoustic mineral wool. this is your first defence against the intrusive sound.

Next, you should install isolation strips for these pimpled rubber strips to help isolate your old floor from your new and perform best against impact noise.

Your next steps depend on the results you require the system above will reduce airborne noise by up to 49 db (what does this sound like?) watch the video below to lean more about your options:

Advice and installation

Our team are always a phone call away ready to offer advice and support. Our systems can be installed by competent DIYers but if you would like to work with an installer we have relationships with installers up and down the UK that we can put you in touch with.

MuteMat 3 Calculator

Use our handy calculator to see what soundproofing products your project will require. Don’t forget to unfold the ‘more info’ tab below to learn how to use this calculator.

Once you have your calculator results you can add all the products to your basket using the button below. You will have to manually input the results from the calculator. We know this is not ideal and we are looking into developing a solution for this.

Timber Floor – MuteMat 3

Partition Measurements


Advanced Settings

Start Over
Joist centers diagram
Floor Joist Center

The floor joist centre refers to the centre point between each joist.

  • If you have multiple adjacent surfaces or partitions to soundproof input them individually. Not as a total m2 input as this will affect the results.
  • If you have windows, fireplaces or other fixed structures we recommend booking a call with us before purchasing.


A soundproofing system isn’t rocket science but sometimes figuring out which one is right for you can be challenging. Check out our FAQs, get in touch via our live chat, or give us a call to speak to a human.

Neighbour noise issues are one of the most common disputes that occur, and often it is through not fault of their own. Properties built and converted prior to 2003 would not of had any Build Regulations to adhere to in regards to the passage of sound, so this means that there was an unlikelihood of any or very little soundproofing installed.

So when you hear footsteps from above, it is often them going about their daily lives. With the introduction of our MuteMat® 3 system comes a dramatic reduction of impact noise that is clearly noticeable, and we would expect a reduction of 15-20dB, a percentage of 67-75% as a guide. This won’t take into account any Flanking paths such as the adjacent walls, these would require investigating during the search for soundproofing options and often treating, whether at the same time or a later date.

Performance will vary greatly with airborne performance depending on what ceiling partition is currently installed, if any – and also with any Flanking paths down adjacent walls, especially with stud frame partitions and with dot and dab plasterboard. For a large number of conversion projects, there will be a substantial difference in performance with pre-2003 builds and with purely insulated structures. With the full system, we would expect to see improvement of between 10-15dB or 50-67% as a guide.

For small office environments we expect to see common noise issues akin to those found at home, conversation being a major one that can often distract from peoples performance or feel like others are in earshot of occasional private conversations, reducing their right to privacy.

Then we have larger environments which may contain open plan rooms with a range of teams all working out of one space with offices above or below. MuteMat® 3 is suitable for both these types of scenarios for both impact and airborne noise reduction.

This all depends on structural requirements and the protection of any damp getting in to the cavity in moisture-heavy rooms like bathrooms or wet rooms. We also have an upgrade as out MuteMut™ 3 Plus which introduces our very dense, cement-impregnated chipboard for additional soundproofing against airborne transmission.

All rolled carpets can be pulled directly over MuteMat® 3 without any need for an over boarding, Carpet Gripper Strips will need to be fit around the perimeter of each room to raise the gripper rods to a more suited height. Hard floor finishes such as wood of laminate or engineered would require a 6mm ply minimum bonded to MuteMat® 3 to act as a stable base, and lightweight and delicate floor finishes: parquet, luxury vinyl tile such as Karndean and Amtico, and ceramic tiling for example require a 9mm ply minimum, also bonded to act as a stable base.


If you need product data or installation guides for this system you’ll always find them here.

If you are looking to specify this product for a build, please refer to our downloads tab for technical product or systems information.

Technical Support
Should you require further technical assistance in specifying our products, please contact us and ask for our Technical Rep, Gabriel Whittle.

BIM Objects
iKoustic also supply a selection of BIM objects via our NBS profile, which can be found here. 

Our products contain a high level of mass. If there are any structural concerns you will want to consult a Structural Engineer to discuss your requirements.

*Our Typical Performance Results and Noise Reduction Guidance are provided to indicate the results that have been achieved in previous tests but are not guaranteed to a specific site as multiple factors can affect this, you can view their variants on our ‘Featured Systems’ tab.


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